Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Veronica Henry - Christmas at the Crescent (A Noella)

**Review by Stacey

Behind the gorgeous Georgian sweep of Pelham Crescent, Bath, everyone's getting ready for Christmas...

At Number 14, Josie Ballard is up to her ears in brandy, raisins and cherries as she battles to make forty Christmas puddings to sell at Bath Christmas Market. Ever since Giles walked out the day their baby was born, Josie has had to work twice as hard to make ends meet. Sacrificing a career as a chef, her famous steamed puddings keep her and her gorgeous baby boy Titus afloat. Almost. So when, in the middle of Stir Up Sunday, a new neighbour in the Crescent complains about the noise that Titus is making, Josie gives him a basinful...

Giles, meanwhile, is finding life in the fast lane with his uber-glamorous new girlfriend Rebecca rather draining. With one party blurring into another, he's now wondering if he hasn't made a terrible mistake in abandoning Josie and his child. Isn't it time he grew up, his mother asks, and Giles is starting to agree. So when he discovers Josie has a handsome new neighbour, Giles decides it's time to step up to his parental duties...

Christmas just got complicated.

If you've read my previous reviews of Christmas reads you will know I am completely sucked in by a beautiful cover and this one is snow different! Add to that the fact the blurb mentions food, and I'm right there!

So Christmas at the Crescent introduces us to Josie who has just set up a new business in order to provide for her son Titus, after his father (Giles) left them stranded in the hospital when he was born and she sacrificed her career to stay home with him. As any 10 month old baby, Titus is rather noisy and her new neighbour from upstairs finds it rather annoying, but Josie isn't having any of it...

Nevertheless, Josie and her neighbour strike up a friendship which she starts to think might lead to a budding romance - but boy was she mistaken. Meanwhile, Giles takes note of the new neighbour and decides to step up his fatherly duties. An unfortunate accident leaves Josie unable to care for herself or Titus so Giles really steps up and realises what an idiot he has been. Can taking charge of their son bring them back together or has their fate already been sealed?...

"The flakes drifted down dreamily at first, as soft as goose-feathers, whirling around in the gelid winter air until they kissed the ground."

I loved reading this throughout, it was so descriptive and I actually wanted to dive into the book and eat everything Josie made. It was full of snow (which I always love) and it did actually concentrate on the Christmas period - Veronica made Bath at Christmas sound amazing and also made me want to visit! I will probably read this again next year to get me in the spirit! A wonderfully short read for a cosy day indoors.

You can keep in touch with Veronica and news about her books on her website or Twitter.

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Scott Kaelen - From Grains To Galaxies

**Review by Susan

From Grains To Galaxies is less a collection of stories and poems and more a journey – an exploration of wonder and dread, beauty and terror. It’s a trek through the scenes of uncountable millennia, from sandy dreamscapes to apocalyptic nightmares, from Earth’s fiery beginning to it’s equally infernal end, from gleaming future vistas to the bleak darkness at the cusp of the universe. It traverses life’s moments from birth until death, exposing a plethora of emotions and experiences between and beyond, in all their naked truths. It grabs the genres of science fiction, horror, contemporary and speculative fiction, epic and comic fantasy and slipstream by the proverbial secrets, casts them into the forge, and melts them at high temperatures.
Are your bags packed? Have you said your goodbyes? Then it’s time to start this journey. All that’s left is to open the forge and reach for what’s inside… 

This is the first of Scott's books I've managed to read and honestly didn't know what to expect. A variety of short stories and poems that blew my mind and took me into my 'Bookland'.  
The stories were all mind blowing and the poems more so. And as far as topics went, there is something for everyone and every religion.  
Scott's words were incredible and one particular poem that touched me:

Excerpt from the poem -
"The Wrong Side"
Will we end this tale together
On the bright side of the moon,
And will we find a love forever
On the flip side of this tune...

Lots amongst this book for everyone from a variety of genres and well worth a read.  Wishing Scott every success with his books.

You can keep up with Scott and news about his books on his websiteFacebook and Twitter.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Joyce and Jim Lavene - Emilie's Christmas Love

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Stacey

It’s Christmas time in Ferrier’s Mountain, North Carolina. 

Emilie Ferrier wants to adopt a child to fill her empty life. She’s given up any hope of meeting the ‘right’ guy. She can offer a child anything, except two parents. 

Nick Garrett owns the mechanic shop that works on Emilie’s cars. He’s fresh out of the military, caring for his niece and nephew following his sister’s tragic death in a car accident. He promised her he would give her children the one thing she and Nick didn’t have: two parents. 

Nick doesn’t know that Emilie is the rich woman who wants to adopt his niece and nephew. She invites them to her house for the holidays when she finds out they need a place to stay. Her plan is to convince Nick that she can be a great single mother. 

Neither of them plans to fall in love. 

Will a Christmas miracle make them a family?

I've mentioned before that I'm a sucker for a Christmas book, especially a romance one. I loved the snowy cover of this book too which attracted me to it! 

Emilie lives in Ferrier's Mountain with her Aunt Joda (who is a little eccentric) and is in the process of wanting to adopt a little girl. This stems from the fact that she had polio as a child which made her infertile and also rendered her with a disability which she feels makes her unattractive to the opposite sex. Nick is the local mechanic who works on Emilie's cars and rescues her after she breaks down one evening. Right before Christmas, Nick's house is in need of immediate repair and he has to move out with both the children he is now caring for - Emilie invites them to stay with her, but she has an ulterior motive...

"There should be a contract made between children and their mothers that the child had to grow up before the mother died. Every child deserved to have their mother."

I found the story quite slow to begin with and it wasn't until around two-thirds of the way in that I started to get into it more as it kind of dragged on and it was only then that it really started to become about Christmas. You can feel the sexual tension between Emilie & Nick right from the beginning and all the way I was egging them on to just get on with it as it felt like they were never going to! When they eventually did though, it was sensually written and you could feel the passion between them. The ending was as I expected it to be, though something happened before it which I didn't see coming but it did put a dampener on Emilie's plans which were going well up until then. Can a near disaster bring a Christmas miracle for both Emilie & Nick? Well you will have to read to find out... An easy read for a cold winter day.

You can keep in touch with Joyce &Jim and news about their books on their websiteFacebook or Twitter.

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Monday, 22 December 2014

Laura Dunaway - Delivered (A Christmas Novella)

**Review by Susan

Pregnant and widowed, Andi Porter is still reeling from the loss of her husband. When she finds herself in labor and stranded in a snowstorm, it seems like her timing couldn't be worse.

Doctor Jase Rollins is a well respected doctor who has a knack for being right where he needs to be. When his right place collides with Andi's wrong time, an unlikely and unexpected connection is made that neither can ignore.

This Christmas may deliver the best gift of all … a second chance for the woman who lost it all and the man who wants to give her everything.

Well what a fantastic Christmas novella. The heartache of newly widowed Andi is lead in to the arms of a rather perfect man - Jase. With a new baby, a dead husband and no family around her, her new connection with Dr Rollins starts. Desperate for the pair to allow themselves happiness and patience we see them over the festive period.  

Will Andi be able to let Jase in after all the heartache she's been through? Will she get the unexpected Christmas present or will the emotions she's going through be too much?!  
One of the best Christmas novellas I've had the pleasure of reading. Can't wait to read more of Laura Dunaways books! 

A five star festive read!  

You can keep up with Laura and news about her books on her websiteFacebook or Twitter.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Wednesday, 17 December 2014

J A Heron - Alias

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

We first meet this feisty character in my debut novel 'Belleza', you don't have to read it first, but it might gain you some perspective on her personality. There are also some events that happen in the same timeline. 
Trixie is a call girl/escort, working in London and Las Vegas, she has had a rough ride in life. She has been abused, and abandoned by those who are meant to love her. 
She has always dealt with life by herself, and one of her 'clients' wants to help her move away from the way of life she has always known. Mr Orange (not his real name) is an Art Dealer, mega wealthy, and totally drool worthy. He cares about her a great deal. 
Can she give Mr Orange a chance, or will she remain in the lifestyle she is accustomed to? Can someone who has never loved, or felt love, learn the art of Love? 
*** Please be aware the content of this book contains strong, and graphic scenes. Trixie also swears, a lot. NOT suitable for persons under the age of 18 ***

Well where do I start?  We meet Trixie in J A Herons first book (Belleza) although only briefly...she is the friend of Mya who seen her through some hard times and introduced her to the escorting business - Belleza.  Well she comes into her own in this book.  
Trixie is a feisty, independent and very strong woman.  She is under no illusion of what she does and whilst keeps her secret life from her aunt, she is happy with the life she leads.  

We see her love for dancing (which she does in Las Vegas) along side her escorting. She has dreams of her future and her savings pot is going towards her dreams regarding her dancing. 

There is a darker side to Trixie. She had a very sad childhood and between awful parents and a cousin who abused her she has very clear ideas on sex. She knows she "screws" men for money and expects nothing else from the clients she is with.  

But that is about to change when one of her long standing clients shows her something she is alien to. Affection and love. But is Mr X hiding something that could destroy the pair and Trixie's trust and affections before they have become apparent? A run in with a old client and someone from Mya's past would be the true test for the pair. When Trixie is in need of recooperation Mr X takes her in and adores her. But Trixie is certain she needs to return to what she knows....because it's all she feels certain about. It's easier than dealing with the feelings she has.  

Will Trixie realise what she truly wants? When she finally makes her choice more pain is to come her way. And through it all, she can only think of one person.Would she ever see him again!?  Would he be her "knight in shining armour"? 

To say I connected with this story is an understatement....from the amazing highs to the year inducing lows...we truly travel Trixie's journey. Wanting nothing for her to let down her understandably high walls from being so hurt in her young life and beyond.  
This awe inspiring read was difficult in parts, and did have violence and graphic scenes but it made me respect Trixie more. For her dreams she was aspiring to and her inspirational attitude and strength.  

I could actually rave about this book but I'm going to stop now....
A truly worthy five star emotional roller coaster read.  It actually shook me! 

You can keep in touch with J A and news about her books on FacebookTwitter or Goodreads.

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Jenny Oliver - The Parisian Christmas Bake Off

**Review by Stacey

Welcome to the most celebrated patisserie competition in Paris – ready, steady, bake!

Watching snowflakes settle on the Eiffel Tower, Rachel Smithson’s cosy English village feels very far way – as, thankfully, does her commitment-phobic ex, probably already kissing someone else under the mistletoe. But Rachel hasn’t come to Paris to mope she’s come to bake. Hard.

Because the search for Paris’s next patisserie apprentice is about to begin! And super-chef judge Henri Salernes is an infamously tough cookie. But Rachel isn’t about to let her confidence (or pastry) crumble. She’s got one week, mounds of melt-in-the-mouth macaroons and towers of perfect profiteroles to prove that she really is a star baker.

As well as clouds of flour, and wafts of chocolate and cinnamon, there’s definitely a touch of Christmas magic in the air… Rachel hasn’t come to Paris looking for a fairy-tale romance, but the city of love might gift-wrap her one anyway…

Not even a dusting of icing sugar could make The Parisian Christmas Bake Off a more perfect Christmas treat!

Throughout December I have to read Christmas books, as it really gets me in the mood and I love reading about other people's Christmases (even if they are fictional!). The cover for this book drew me in straight away as it is really Christmassy, and the fact it involved a beautiful setting, Christmas, and food (some of my favourite things)!

The main character is Rachel who is in a dead end relationship with a bit of a loser to be honest. She also hates Christmas as she lost a loved one at Christmas so she doesn't like to celebrate it - so her close knit village decided to club together and send her to Paris for a Bake Off competition with top chef Henri Salernes. She has her doubts but then she discovers that she has no choice but to go and I don't think she realises what she's let herself in for! Rachel doesn't go to Paris looking for love - her mind is solely on getting through the competition then returning home, but will the city of love bring someone to her? It just might.

The other contestants who she is competing against are a mixed bag and obviously all out to win, but a couple of them take it a bit more seriously than the others. The food descriptions throughout the competition had my mouth watering SO much that I might even have to attempt my own versions of some of the bakes! The whole book was really descriptive and I could just imagine that I was Rachel, in Paris; it was beautiful.

Part of the ending wasn't quite what I was expecting but I loved it nonetheless. Rachel returns home with a bright future ahead of her and the book finishes in a great place. It is really a great Christmas must-read and I will probably have to read it again next year!

You can keep up with Jenny and news about her books on Twitter.

Get your copy of The Parisian Christmas Bake Off here (UK) or here (US).

I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Tuesday, 9 December 2014

Helen Smith - Real Elves: A Christmas Story

**Review by Susan

In a department store in London, a little girl called Sophie visits Santa’s magical forest with her grandfather. As they emerge from the forest, Sophie’s grandfather reports her missing… but the little girl’s right there. Is she a ghost, a twin, an alien abductee—or is there some simpler explanation? Twenty-six-year-old amateur sleuth Emily Castles has fifteen minutes to figure out the puzzle before the police are called and Christmas is ruined.

REAL ELVES is a standalone story set in London. It first appeared in the anthology Naughty or Nice in aid of Kids Need to Read. The Emily Castles mysteries can be read in any order.

A beautifully festive short story, although at times a little "bizarre" but did enjoy. Managed to finish it in one night! With it being so short I didn't manage to learn much about the characters so it's a real push for me to go on and try the rest of Helen Smith's books!

Story flowed well and was very funny and imaginative.  

You can keep up with Helen and news about her books on her websiteFacebook or Twitter.

Get your copy of Real Elves: A Christmas Story here (UK) or here (US).

I received a copy of this book to review but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Saturday, 6 December 2014

J A Heron - Belleza

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

After a tragedy, Mya found herself, disowned, alone, and facing living in a big city by herself, she was scared to death. She holds on to secrets and guilt. This is a story about the things she had to survive.
Then she meets Joe, a newly divorced business owner, trying to rebuild his life.

This can be stand alone read, but Trixie's story is coming soon in book 2.

Please be aware this novel contains graphic scenes intended for adults only.

So from the first page you are dragged into Mya Peters hell. What unfolds for her over the coming months and years would leave it's mark on Mya. Despite having little support she has got herself to a place in her life she is proud of, but has this always been the case?

She meets Joe and the pair are obviously besotted. The longing between the pair was incredible and believable however, a family event would drag up someone from Joe's past, but also reveal Mya's past too....I only hoped the pair would be strong enough to cope with this. But time passes until a night out would bring Joe and Mya face-to-face.

With what seems like a cruel turn of events Mya is faced with a situation that would frighten some. But from this her life would move forwards and she would seek some closure, but would this be with Joe by her side or have too many lies been told? Can he trust her again? Would they get the happily ever after they deserved?

Oh it had me hooked from the first page right till the last. An amazing read with an even better story line. I would highly recommend! Go get your copy of this five star read...something in this book for everyone!

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Laura Lexington - The Storm

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Stacey

Jana Cook was not born with a silver spoon in her mouth, but her fierce determination leads to a successful career in medical device sales. Toss in five-star meals, fabulous sex with her nearly perfect husband, Andrew, and a gorgeous new house … and Jana’s life is picture perfect before she hits the big 3-0. What more can a girl want? Overnight, her life begins to unravel. When Jana discovers she is pregnant, she dives from hero to zero in the eyes of Covington Company. Despite a resume most would kill for, Jana finds herself unemployed and devastated. Challenging her employer could change her life … if she wins. Does she have the strength to handle the gossip and face the likely reality of being blackballed from her industry? As Jana struggles to make the right choice, her vivacious best friend, Grace, is convinced her own heartthrob husband, Gavin, is hiding something. Despite Jana’s best efforts to convince her that she is wrong, Grace’s mental illness overpowers reality. Jana was a superstar in scrubs, but navigating first time motherhood is real work … especially in the midst of secrets, lies, and unthinkable tragedy. She makes her decision. And while Andrew promises to never let her fall, will love be enough to spark the bravery she needs to survive the storm that threatens to overcome her?

When I was offered the chance to read 'The Storm' I was immediately intrigued by the cover (a baby bump always sucks me in) and then I was even more intrigued by the blurb. The main character in this book is Jana Cook, a nearly 30 year old who is at the top of her career. She has a fantastic job as medical device rep, she has just moved back to home town with her husband Andrew, and she is back again with her best friend Grace and her husband Gavin. When she falls pregnant, Jana begins to encounter gender discrimination because of her pregnancy, and then she finds herself dismissed from her role completely. She finds herself fighting against three of her ex colleagues and decides to sue Covington Company - for Jana, this will be the beginning of one of the worst storms of her life.

Alongside this drama in Jana's life, Grace falls pregnant not long after Jana and they both welcome two baby girls into their lives. Grace though, suffers from a mental illness and also thinks her husband Gavin is hiding a huge secret from her. She makes a decision which leads to devastating consequences and heartache for everybody. Jana needs to find the strength to fight through her case, what is happening with Grace, and the throes of being a new Mum which we know is tough in itself. 

I connected with Jana right from the beginning, she was really likable - and Grace too. The story just flowed; even though there were a few things going on in the book, they slotted together well and didn't feel like I was reading different books for each situation.

Can Jana, with the help of Andrew, fight through the storm and come out shining the other side? Well, you'll have to read and find out...

"Nothing stays the same except change, Jana." Mama stroked my hair as I cried softly. "When things are good, treasure life. When things are bad, hold on ... change is on its way."


You can keep up with Laura and news about her books on Facebook.

Get your copy of The Storm here (UK) or here (US).

I was given a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Monday, 1 December 2014

Mandy Dowson - Pack & Parcel (Moon Bound Series) Christmas Novella

*This book contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Part of the Amazon Best Selling series, Moon Bound.
**This book is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18. It contains adult situations and scenes of erotica and mild horror.

Leesh is a female on the run. She's taken all she can take from her abusive mate, and so, gathering up her five year old little boy, Jase, she flees her territory, her pack and her family, but with danger lurking around every corner, and old injuries leaving her vulnerable to attack from any and every quarter, she must rely on the Master of the Hunt, from the Tall Grass pack to keep her safe.
Wallace is ruggedly handsome despite his many scars, but Leesh pushes him away even as she wishes she could let him hold her close.
Is she too far gone in fear and self-hatred to return his blossoming feelings?

With an angry mate on her tail, Wallace must do all he can to save the woman he's fallen in love with, and protect the son he wishes to call his own.
But Christmas is a time for miracles, right?

In this novella we meet Leesh, who is on the run with her young cub, she has been very poorly treated and in her escape from danger meets Wallace, her saviour in her hour of need. Despite the females concerns about returning to a pack and the danger she would put them in, she knows her health and her son's depends on it.

Leesh and Wallace are a similar pair and both have their damage from the past but can they help one another through what lies ahead? Will Leesh ever be able to let someone in despite her past?

"...being different, being changed, doesn't mean your any less perfect. It doesn't mean you're damaged goods. It simply means you've been honed into another form of perfection......Your perfect..."

It's another brilliant story from Mandy Dowson and made my heart ache with sadness but equally leap with joy to know that all was not lost for Leesh and her son. Her Christmas present would be one of rediscovery and confidence she lost many years ago.
A magical Christmas novella that had me hooked from the start. Another must read this Christmas.

You can keep in touch with Mandy and news about her books on her Facebook or Twitter

Get your copy of Pack & Parcel here (UK) or here (US).
I was sent a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Saturday, 29 November 2014

Eden Elsworth - Frippe House

**Review by Susan

Having inherited the estate of her Great-Aunt Alice, Becky soon finds the mysterious Frippe House is hiding some dark secrets. She faces a choice of dealing with her chequered family history, or going home and abandoning her inheritance.
Well, when Eden told me she was a more than a little spooked when writing this book, I had no idea of what lay ahead. She very kindly offered me a preview of the standalone a week before release. eI honestly don't think I've read a ghost story for a number of years and always being one to watch scary films instead I had no idea what to expect from it. But what a book it is!  

Becky is a single parent, works hard to support her family but suddenly gets contacted about an inheritance she has received; Frippe House. An old house that has remained in the family for a number of years has more than it's fair share of bumps in the night!  

With Becky's newly inherited house she builds new friendships (and maybe more!) but not before she finds secret passageway that leads to something that has everyone baffled and me? Spooked!

A truly awe inspiring read and a real page turner. As someone who likes a wide variety of different genres this did not disappoint. A brilliant standalone from the talented Eden Elsworth.

You can keep in touch with Eden and news about her books on her websiteFacebook, or Twitter

Get your copy of Frippe House here (UK) or here (US).

I received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Q&A with Annabel Fanning

Ladies Living in Bookland managed to get hold of Annabel Fanning (writer of SHE) for an exclusive interview! Read on to find out a little bit more about Annabel...

Tell us a little bit about yourself and how you got into writing?

I’m Annabel Fanning and I’m 26. I was born in Scotland and now live in Perth, Australia. I grew up LOVING stories and especially those involving romance, HEA, and falling head over heels in love with someone. Throughout my teens I was an avid singer/songwriter (I still write songs today, but for other artists) I was living in LA when I was 19, and had just decided to take a break from the music industry when an idea came to me for a series of novels. I wrote the idea down (it was a metaphysical/inspiration piece for YA) and since writing those first words, I haven’t looked back.

SHE is set in Paris and we know you live in Australia....have you ever been? (Purely for research purposes!?) 

I went to Paris back in ’09 with my sister (who flew in from Glasgow where she lives). It was only for 2 and a half days and I had no intention of basing a story in Paris at the time. However when I started reading SHE I looked back over the (many) photos I’d taken in Paris and I found they helped me capture the essence of the city, especially Montmartre. I’m looking forward to my next visit.

If you go on to write another book (which I sincerely hope!), would you select a new romantic place to set it? If so, where?

One of the reasons I had Logan build a hotel in Tokyo is because I want to use that same hotel in another story, and have the whole novel based in that one location. Whether I ever get around to writing this story I don’t know, but as least the foundation is set if I do decide to write it. So, Tokyo.

Do you see yourself a lot in Gemima or do you base your characters on anyone you know?

Gemima’s internal monologues and quirky outbursts are very similar to me! I think my sense of humour is all over this book.

Do you have muses for your characters or just have a vision for them in your mind? 

I don’t base characters on anyone I know. I think (having written over 7 full length novels by now) that I write female characters that inspire me. Gemima is very confident and sure and a fully functioning adult (lol) which is great for me to write about as I’m entering that phase of my life as well.

We know SHE has a part 2 coming soon....can you tell impatient readers a bit more about it and when it might be coming?! 

SHE part 2 is FULL of humour, excitement, birthday surprises and (of course) sex! It picks up where part 1 left off. You’ll read all about their weekend away, Gemima meeting Logan’s family (oh, how will her American Mouth cope!) and the passion/closeness/intensity between them definitely heats up! So if you thought SHE part 1 was hot…you ain’t read nothing yet!

Looking to the future, do you have any plans for another standalone (or series!) after the second part of SHE?

Yes, LOTS! Haha! I’ve written a series of four novels based on the Robin Hood legend which I might look into releasing. Also, as mentioned, there’s that Tokyo based story. Ah…there are so many stories I’d LOVE to tell! I feel very blessed and fortunate to be able to write and I can imagine indulging in these other worlds for many years to come.

You can keep in touch with Annabel Fanning and news about her books on Facebook.

Annabel Fanning - SHE (Part 1)

*This book contains adult themes
**Review by Susan & Stacey

Logan has loved Gemima for years. Gemima doesn't know. 
After her deadpan relationship implodes, Logan seizes his chance to rock her world. 
Set in picturesque Paris, SHE is an erotic tale about falling madly in love. Combining sex, passion, and romance, these two high-flying professionals will leave you saying, “Oh, la la!”


So we meet Gemima, who from the first page, I just connect with. She's hilarious and such a strong independent woman despite bring poorly treated by her then boyfriend, Jerry. Gemima has lived in France for 8 years but can't shift her American twang or hilarious attitude. I simply adored her.  

A phonecall from Logan Leary to Gemima Samuels would be the making of the pair. Logan is one of the most genuine people, so trusting, adorable and romantic. Despite him having his own problems he is the most brilliant unassuming man. I admit I fell for him a little bit :)

Within a short space of time the two are together, in every sense of the word. Emotionally they are connected from the very beginning and we see that develop.....Physically!? The pair are hotter than hot. Where do I start? The ottoman, the syrup, the glass, the gift from friends?! Oh it's up there on the steam meter.  

As for the story, it's brilliant, it's well written and I loved that each chapter was written to a just flowed brilliantly and I read through it in 48 hours because despite three children I couldn't actually put it down. I now can't wait for part two because I have so many unanswered questions! I can't wait to read the second installment of SHE and get my answers.  


"For a moment, I'm lost in our kiss, my mind unable to comprehend the level of happiness that I'm feeling right now."

"Abso-effing-lutely" fantastic five star steamy read.

So as soon as I knew this book was set in Paris, I wanted to read it - Paris always attracts me as I find the descriptions really draw me in and make me want to be there, She is no different!

I absolutely love Gemima, she's so funny; always having conversations with herself so she reminds me of me!

Logan is a dream boyfriend too, with a dream apartment to boot.

Logan has been besotted with Gemima ever since they met at a function a few years ago but Gemima was already attached (to a bit of a moron) so he just waited, and waited... And she finally came! (In more ways than one...) The attraction was magnetic from the off, from the very first meeting, and I was just egging them to get it on as the tension was unbearable! Logan is the perfect man in the bedroom (and out of it too). All through the book you just want these two to have a happy ending - even though you just know it's going to happen anyway! 

"What could possibly be greater than opening my heart, and feeling, fully, the love that another has to give me?"

Absolutely loved reading this and can't wait for part two.

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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Don Castle - Shadows: A Jake Somers Novel‏

*Review by Stacey

With a cast of characters that you've come to know and love, the Jake Somers mystery/suspense series illuminates the world of a private investigator and his close knit family group. In this the third in the series, we find Jake dealing with the murder of a beautiful college coed literally at his back door. And when multiple homicides occur across the city and under similar circumstances Jakes crime solving expertise is called upon by the police to help catch a serial killer. Death on a college campus, illegal synthetic drugs and a maniacal killer are all in a days work for Jake Somers.

Now crime novels are one of my favourite genres and as I haven't read one for a while I was looking forward to reading this as I thought it sounded interesting, like my kind of read. The story starts straight out with the discovery of a dead body outside Private Investigator Jake's office block. Eventually more bodies turn up and after investigation alongside the police department and the district attorney, the death can be related to a case he was previously investigating. We meet a lot of other characters in this book, including his office partner Steve and their receptionist Maria, Captain Huddleston from the PD, Jake's mum Josie and his girlfriend Shirley, the killer, and a few others who I lost track of in the end and had to keep checking back.

Due to the previous case relation, we keep hearing details from that case and the current one; they did fit together quite well and we could see clearly how they were related. Don seemed to have done quite a bit of research into synthetic drugs which featured heavily throughout the story. I did think though that the killer was revealed too early and it was quite obvious who it was from not long after we meet them around halfway through, which didn't give much structure to the rest of the story as it was just Jake trying to find them. 

As well as these two cases being investigated, there is also a story line of Maria's wedding planning which features quite heavily and I didn't think it fit too well. It would have been better to just have snippets of it rather than feature as heavily as it did as I think altogether these three were just too much in one story. I can't really pick a favourite character as I didn't find them very engaging; I didn't really feel any substance to them and the conversation was quite repetitive. Because of discovering the killer half way through I thought the ending was quite abrupt too as there wasn't anything major to be expected or excited about. 

If you are looking for an easy to read mystery novel involved with drugs and murder then this may be the one for you. 

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I received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Friday, 14 November 2014

KL Peterson - Prisoner of Blood

**Review by Susan

When a series of vampire killings shakes his hometown, recently turned vampire and antiques dealer Jack Martin works side by side with his brother, a police detective, to catch a ruthless kidnapper and killer. Jack must protect those closest to him while he uncovers more about the killer, about himself, and the secret world in which he finds himself engulfed.

So this is K.L Petersons first book and what a book it is! It's very well written and witty too. Found myself chuckling a lot through it from the word go. The stereotypical vampire is not necessarily what you get here. We see the main character Jack Martin (an antiques dealer and newly turned vampire) and also meet his brother (who works for the police) and helps him work a case which involves a rather nasty vampire who also had murdered someone close to Jack. When a celebrity goes missing Jack pulls a strong team together of various abilities to tackle the problem but at what cost to his friends?  

It was a fantastic book for setting the scene and getting inside Jack's head. I loved how he felt when it came to feeding and how much more of a physical need it was for him in terms of being with someone not just cheaply but with someone he felt for. Has he found a love in this book? I do hope so! It really was a good book although it took me a while to get my head around the range of characters (I can be hopeless with names!) but I'm already looking forward to the next book.  

Please read! I'm sure you will enjoy. 

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I received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Friday, 7 November 2014

Krissy V - Sunshine in Madrid

**Review by Susan

My name is Sunshine and once a year I run Sunshine Tours!

I like to take a break from my life to recharge my batteries, you know that feeling when you just need to do something that is totally different to the hum drum of every day life. My life can be boring, but whenever I get together with my eclectic group of friends my life takes a different track.

Join me on my tour of Madrid, this year is our 10th Anniversary and we intend to make it as good as the first trip we ever made which was to Barcelona. I brought back a souvenir that year that I still treasure.

An anniversary is a time for reflection and I have to do that when my past life catches up with me in the most unusual place. Will I be able to keep my secret? Or is it time for me to grow up and accept some responsibility?

Step aboard the Sunshine tour, take a seat and lose yourself in Sunshine’s world! 

I was very lucky to get an early glimpse at 'Sunshine in Madrid' and I laughed, yelled at delight and cried with Sunshine and her friends through this book. But mainly laughed my socks off! It was hilarious and Krissy V really captured the light hearted fun of a girls weekend and all. I instantly fell in love with Sunshine and admired her strong will and attitude. A hard working, single mother of three getting some 'adult time' and maybe a little more too! 

After finding an old flame, who both harboured feelings for one another before life took over, leads to brilliant things. But has Sunshine let one of the best things get away from her by not letting them back into her life sooner?  

Five star read. Can't wait for the rest of the Sunshine Tours :)

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Lisa J Hobman - Christmas Presence

**Review by Susan

This is a novella which follows on from Bridge Over the Atlantic and Bridge of Hope and should not be read as a stand alone story.

Mallory got her happily ever after, but haunting loss in the past has her running scared that she will lose her beloved yet again. Can anything...or anyone make her realise she needs to let go of the past and live for today? 

So we get to meet Mallory and Greg again in their contented life with their beautiful family preparing for the festive season.  
That is until a phonecall about Josie (Mallorys good friend) needs her help when pregnancy complications arise.  Mallory wastes no time in agreeing to get herself there to be there for her friends, despite the long journey ahead of her, and despite the time of year.  Mallory said her goodbyes to be by her friends side.  
On leaving for her journey we glimpse into the couples relationship, and it seems strained. Greg worrying that Mallory is wanting something else or glimpsing into the past because she isn't happy.  In fact Mallory worries that she is going to lose the ones around her she loves, because it's what she's known. Her anxieties are rife but rather than the couple openly discussing, they leave on little discussion as to the real reason. Leaving things unsaid between the couple during her time away.

"...I feel like I'm pulling away from him to...I don't know...protect myself?"

No! Surely the couple we've fallen head over heels with aren't going to split. Not after all they've been through. The distance between them emotionally and physically seemed to widen as the days passed and the conversations got shorter between the pair. A chance stranger makes an appearance at an already turbulent time, with Mallory feeling lost and confused. Who was the stranger and would she meet him again?! 
On a train journey home, with awful weather, will she make it back to her family in time. Would she feel more at ease when she gets to meet someone, or 'something' validates everything she knows but needed to hear?  
It's a brilliant Christmas read and so unbelievably heartwarming.  I'm so pleased that the chance stranger got his message across and gave Mallory the confidence to be happy and at ease with her life and her family. Sam never far from her mind....her guardian angel.  

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.