Monday, 22 September 2014

Midnight Bloom (The Lunar Eclipse Series) by Kristina Canady

*Contains adult themes
*Review by Susan

Forced to police the border between two worlds in an attempt at redemption, a cold and calculated Etienne has purposely constructed an organized existence that focuses on protecting the ignorant. A "chance" encounter with the outspoken and brazen Sasha Green unveils to him a connection that threatens to thaw his heart. Etienne and Sasha are about to be challenged to look beyond themselves and question everything they believe to be "fact" as their two worlds collide. 

In this first novel of the Lunar Eclipse series, Sasha learns of the unusual hand that fate has dealt her and finds herself caught up in a battle between her moral compass and her innermost primitive desires. As she evolves into her predetermined role, she must question her fear against myth and weigh the value of the marriage she's committed to against the fulfillment of the path that an unknown force is pushing her to walk. How strong will Sasha be under its force, and will the profound connection between the two ultimately break her?

'Midnight Bloom' is the first book In the 'Lunar Eclipse Series' and is a book I went into without reading the blurb and I think it made it all the more magical for me. 

I loved the cover and the title but honestly went into this book blind. I like doing that may come to know me for that!!

So we meet Sasha, a happily married, mother to twins boys and a settled if not rather "comfortable" relationship. She is happy, hardworking and strong willed. Her life is thrown upside down one evening upon meeting a family friend of one of her patients (on an awful night that could have led to something more sinister). Little does Sasha know he will tell her a little more than she can imagine about herself.

This handsome, electrifying stranger is called Etienne and the relationship they build over the course of the story is simply incredible. The things they share and go through together gives Sasha lots of unintended feelings towards this man and leaves her questioning what she really wants and needs. But is this to the cost of her family?

"I understand longing for something that you cannot have. I cannot have you because that is your choice, not mine. You could have me at any time, it is Impossible for me to deny you..."

Having not read a vampire book in some time (although with lots on my TBR list!) I did enjoy this although it took me a while to find my feet. Once I got in to it the reading was easy and enjoyable. Although on the final few chapters I was desperate to read more knowing what hard decisions she is left to make...bit of a cliffhanger! But I am keen on reading the next on the series to see where things go...

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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