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Lisa J Hobman - Bridge of Hope

*This book contains adult themes
**Review by Stacey

Love is like a snowflake; beautiful but fleeting in its presence...
I've been in love. But I’ve also been lied to, betrayed by those closest to me and I’ve suffered loss. Sadly it’s those last three things that stick with me the most. The only real constants in my life are music, Angus my dog and Rhiannon; my guitar. 
But things changed when she walked into my place of work. All blue eyes, curves and a warmth that could melt even my hardened heart. I was taken over by feelings that I didn’t expect so soon. Guilt plagued me and I took my anger out on her. 
On Mallory. 
But I fell fast and hard and there was nothing I could do to stop it. When she too became the victim of heartbreak I was the only one who understood her pain but I was the last person she wanted help from. 
Would I ever convince her that we could be friends? And would I ever accept that she couldn’t love me back? 

Bridge of Hope is the companion novel to Bridge Over the Atlantic; it can also be read as a standalone but I think even after reading this, if you haven't read BOtA already, you'll want to as the stories fit so well together and you will want to find out more about Mallory (though I do recommend reading BOtA first!).

BoH is the love/not so much hate story between my favourite potty mouthed Scotsman Greg, and Mallory; but Greg also tells us about his life before meeting Mallory and why he acts like he does now. We also get to find out more about Greg's previous love, Mairi.

When I first heard that Lisa was writing a companion novel I wondered how it was going to not be pretty much the same as BOtA with regards to their meetings, conversations etc. Bridge of Hope takes it to a whole new level though as we really see deep inside of Greg. Whereas in BOtA I might have thought Greg was a bit of a, well, abrupt not-very-nice-person, I totally fell for him when hearing the story from his point of view, and maybe thought of Mallory as the version of Greg from BOtA. He is such a sweetheart really but he puts up a barrier because of the hurt, betrayal and loss he has encountered in the past; he so desperately wants to break out but keeps messing it up and cursing himself (literally) for it. By the end of the book I cast aside all negative feelings I may have had at any point for both Greg & Mallory and thought of them as one of the same, as they both really have suffered the same but deal with it differently.

I laughed, cried, laughed, and cried some more whilst reading this. It really is a whirlwind of emotions and a roller-coaster of events that has shaped Greg to the person who he is, but I don't want to give too much away.

Greg & Mallory's relationship is such a rocky one but they both realise how desperate they feel about each other and both truly want a happy ending. You will have to read both books to find out if they knock down the barriers between them and get it... (To get the full effect of Greg's story and potty-mouth I suggest you read this in a Scottish accent).

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Get your copy of Bridge of Hope here (UK) or here (US).

I wasn't asked to write this review - I bought the book myself. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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