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Lisa J Hobman - Through the Glass

**Review by Susan

A broken heart can never be a blank canvas… 
You meet someone, fall in love, and live happily ever after…right?

That’s what Jim MacDuff thought, but after years of being blissfully happy, everything he holds dear comes crashing spectacularly down thanks to his interfering mother-in-law. Felicity “Flick” Johnston-Hart is passionate about painting what she sees through the glass. Just like the subjects of her paintings, she’s viewed her life as an observer instead of really living. Although she adores her first love, Jim, more than life, her mother’s expectations eventually chip away at her, making her believe that painting and Jim are simply not enough.

After settling back into life as a single man in the stunning Scottish Highlands, Jim is graced with an unexpected and unwanted visitor bringing painful news that he would rather not hear. A letter from beyond the grave leads him to do something he never imagined and takes him on a journey to try to help Flick rekindle her passion for painting…and maybe win her love again in the process.

Can Jim and Flick make things right before it’s too late, or will events leave them heartbroken and alone forever?

So the story of Jim and Flick. Or should be call her Felicity? We see this couple meet as students, settle into being their relationship and grow up together...or do they grow apart over their ten year relationship?

This book grabbed me from the word go as we see a relationship ten years in, floundering with outsiders who sway Flick to think she needs or deserves more. I was screaming at the characters at points, knowing full well that they were indeed made for one another. 

"I didn't fit into your world....and you wanted to find someone who did. I wanted you to be happy so I let you go."

We see their emotional breakup and see the lead up to these events. Is it the disapproving mother-in-law who thinks Jim isn't enough of a high flyer for her daughter, or the fact that Jim was desperate for a family but after a pregnancy scare realised how little Flick wanted that, or....is it that Flick had changed so drastically and was trying to be so one her mother approved of so much that she cut out the one man in her life who meant anything to her?

When Flick decides to go find Jim in his new life and finds herself in the position where they are bound together because of some awful weather, will she realise her feelings in enough time to claw her ex husband back? Will she be able to explain why she acted the way she did because of family influences? Will Jim realise his feelings before she leaves and heads away for another job halfway around the world? The roller coaster of will they won't they will grip you right to the end. And his final act of kindness to win his girl back might be too little too late...

I want you to go get your copy and find out...you will love this book.
Another brilliant book from Lisa J Hobman that won't disappoint.

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I wasn't asked to write this review - I bought the book myself. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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