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MJ Rutter - Summer Rain

*This book contains adult themes
**Review by Susan & Stacey

The wettest UK summer in over a hundred years proves to also be the hottest for a young Dorset girl. Kelsey Spires has agreed to spend three weeks at her Aunt’s, when she meets a local’s cousin, her whole world is blown wide open. A romance blossoms, storms are brewing and the fall out when two different worlds collide, is almost catastrophic. 

Set in the beautifully scenic county of Dorset, on the south coast of England, this is a virtuous story of love, lust and lots of rain, showing you that there is so much more to do when its pouring down outside. 

So when Melissa asked me to review her book, 'Summer Rain' I was a little anxious as I consider her a good friend but I can honestly say I feel head over heels with this book.  

We are brought right into Kelsey's life and her father's funeral.  We see the family dynamics of a good upbringing and how Kelsey is settled and has a good job in her home town of Poole and how her dad had been a big part of her life.  My heart just bled for her. Needless to say she gets away from it all by visiting her aunt in North Dorset and her life changes immeasurably. Having visited her Aunt many a time growing up, she has links there, mainly being a friend called Jude and they girls decide to crash a party where Kelsey's life would change forever when she would be introduced to Jeremy.

So between the couples initial issues between Kelsey's grief, and both having recently ended relationships the attraction is there between them from the off.  The pull between them both is incredible. I was willing for them to get together way before they even knew one another (but I'm a pushy madam sometimes hehehe).

Loved reading about them getting to know each other and whilst Jeremy came from a privileged family, now having been shunted out of his family's wealth and being unemployed Kelsey takes him on knowing who he is and makes no fuss about whether he does or does not have money.  Think he has difficulties getting around this with his last relationship.

Kelsey has her issues on the Ex front too! She is standoffish and out of her depth in terms of experience but Jeremy is so loving and respectful I can't imagine anyone not loving him. He's just perfect. But we see the couple have their teething problems and pull through it together. Their physical relationship is hot and mouth watering and simply to die for! 

"I'll make your car seat wet."  I sniffed.
"I am quite good at making my car seats wet." he smiled...

Oh he's a cheeky monkey ;)

A big issue from the past rears its head and threatens to destroy the couple I was so desperately happy for. Jeremy steps up to his responsibility but at the cost to his happiness? Would these two brilliant characters not get their happily ever after?

Kelsey takes some time out to visit family in America and returns home but to what? Will she be bringing home an extra gift for Jeremy? 

Oh god....it's too good for words and I honestly can say its worth a five star rating because I couldn't put it down.  I actually read it in less than a day.  You know it's good when your reading whilst doing mundane household tasks ;)  

It really was a pleasure to read and I'm very much looking forward to the sequel 'Cruel Winter' when I get to read even more about this beautiful couple :) 

I've been meaning to read this book for a long time and I'm glad I did. Kelsey & Jeremy's relationship starts off fairly quickly after meeting at a party which Kelsey and her friend Jude gatecrashed. Being from different backgrounds you would think they are like chalk & cheese but they fall head over heels. Everything is going great until someone from Jeremy's recent past rears their ugly head and it could be the end for their relationship. 

"...my heart tells you that I love you and I trust my heart," he declared.

Kelsey is a great character and I really related to her as she said a lot of the kind of things I would say so it felt like I actually knew her. Jeremy is so likable too, he would do anything for Kelsey and I could feel his heart breaking through the pages. He is such a sweetheart as he totally respected Kelsey's reasons that she had remained a virgin so didn't rush her into anything, but did turn Kelsey into a bit of a nympho from his experiences! The sexual scenes were really well written and the story wasn't overloaded with them. The other characters were a great mix of different too.

This was a great story of ups & downs and I look forward to seeing what's in store for their future in Cruel Winter.

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We received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

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