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KA Hobbs - Assured

*This book contains adult themes
**Review by Susan & Stacey

Life was changing for Sophie and Doug. Their relationship has been tried and tested in ways they never would have imagined. Adapting to how their life was now takes time and patience - a lot of patience. Are Sophie’s dreams of a happily ever after realistic? Could she be the person Doug needed her to be? And can Doug balance life in his new role and maintain his old one? Does love really conquer all? Find out where life takes Doug and Sophie in book two of The Connected Series.

So I am very excited about this book as I am THE biggest Mr Roberts fan there more Doug?! Erm....yes please!!!!

So we delve right into the second book in The Connected Series at a heartbreaking time for Sophie and Doug. They are trying to pull back some normality into their lives whilst struggling with their grief. A visit to Sophie's parents in Cornwall to tell them the sad news of their loss and also how they would be accepting something and someone entirely new into their lives...this also coincides with a visit from Harry (Sophie's brother) and we get a cheeky glimpse into his turmoil (who knows where that will go?! - Teehee). Of course my favourite Doug is waiting in the wings, as usual! *Susan fans herself*

Did I mention that 'Assured' is just as hot as Doubt? Oh, well it is!! We have suspenders and sexy text messages, waxing, and so on :). I don't want to spoil it all for you!

So as Sophie and Doug prepare themselves for a life changer and relationship changer we see the couple grow and accept the challenge very much together and as strong as ever. But would that last?  

"Don't let the boat drift off too far, Sophie.  Before you know it, you'll be so far apart you won't be able to get back to each other."

As most of us can take over and a busy schedule can make romance tricky and make feelings fraught - it didn't make it easy to read....the love struck pair were drifting apart and I hated it!! Could anything bring them together again? 

Throughout the story of Sophie and Doug we see the preparation of Jonathan and Miley's wedding...and what a wedding it would be....and with a happily ever after for the newly wed couple or for our lovely Doug and Sophie?!

It's another heartwarming story with more tears, more laughter and most of all more love.  In more ways than one. We leave Doug and Sophie with a view to delving into their lives in future books but with a massive grin on my face (rather than tears as I first worried about upon hearing this would be the last of Mr Roberts)....FEAR not!!!  

And so, what more can I say other than it's the second book in the series but by no means a second's perfectly beautiful and I adore Assured....from the first to the last page. And on that note.....

"I love you with my whole heart and to my toes"....

After reading Doubt not long after it was released, I was hoping the wait for Assured wouldn't be too long (luckily I got to BETA read it!), and I'm so glad it's finally here!

Like Susan said above, Assured wasn't an easy read at times and it stirred up so many emotions inside of me, from anger to sadness to hope to...I'll let you think of that one! Although it wasn't an easy read at times, it still had me sucked in.

At the end of Doubt I identified with Sophie so much after what her & Doug went through, that I was praying for a happy ending with Assured. The whole soul destroying experience that Sophie (and Doug of course) went through was written just perfectly - I identified with Sophie so much as I have been through it myself, so yes, there were lots of tears from me. Partly because of reliving it, and partly because KA got Sophie's thoughts, actions & words absolutely spot on. Even to the ending, I was took by surprise at something that is very identifiable with me...

There isn't much I can add that Susan hasn't already written, but you will have to read it to see if Sophie & Doug get their happy ending!

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Get your copy of Assured here (UK) or here (US). 

We were lucky enough to read a BETA version of this book. All thoughts & opinions are honest & our own.

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