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J A Heron - Alias

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

We first meet this feisty character in my debut novel 'Belleza', you don't have to read it first, but it might gain you some perspective on her personality. There are also some events that happen in the same timeline. 
Trixie is a call girl/escort, working in London and Las Vegas, she has had a rough ride in life. She has been abused, and abandoned by those who are meant to love her. 
She has always dealt with life by herself, and one of her 'clients' wants to help her move away from the way of life she has always known. Mr Orange (not his real name) is an Art Dealer, mega wealthy, and totally drool worthy. He cares about her a great deal. 
Can she give Mr Orange a chance, or will she remain in the lifestyle she is accustomed to? Can someone who has never loved, or felt love, learn the art of Love? 
*** Please be aware the content of this book contains strong, and graphic scenes. Trixie also swears, a lot. NOT suitable for persons under the age of 18 ***

Well where do I start?  We meet Trixie in J A Herons first book (Belleza) although only briefly...she is the friend of Mya who seen her through some hard times and introduced her to the escorting business - Belleza.  Well she comes into her own in this book.  
Trixie is a feisty, independent and very strong woman.  She is under no illusion of what she does and whilst keeps her secret life from her aunt, she is happy with the life she leads.  

We see her love for dancing (which she does in Las Vegas) along side her escorting. She has dreams of her future and her savings pot is going towards her dreams regarding her dancing. 

There is a darker side to Trixie. She had a very sad childhood and between awful parents and a cousin who abused her she has very clear ideas on sex. She knows she "screws" men for money and expects nothing else from the clients she is with.  

But that is about to change when one of her long standing clients shows her something she is alien to. Affection and love. But is Mr X hiding something that could destroy the pair and Trixie's trust and affections before they have become apparent? A run in with a old client and someone from Mya's past would be the true test for the pair. When Trixie is in need of recooperation Mr X takes her in and adores her. But Trixie is certain she needs to return to what she knows....because it's all she feels certain about. It's easier than dealing with the feelings she has.  

Will Trixie realise what she truly wants? When she finally makes her choice more pain is to come her way. And through it all, she can only think of one person.Would she ever see him again!?  Would he be her "knight in shining armour"? 

To say I connected with this story is an understatement....from the amazing highs to the year inducing lows...we truly travel Trixie's journey. Wanting nothing for her to let down her understandably high walls from being so hurt in her young life and beyond.  
This awe inspiring read was difficult in parts, and did have violence and graphic scenes but it made me respect Trixie more. For her dreams she was aspiring to and her inspirational attitude and strength.  

I could actually rave about this book but I'm going to stop now....
A truly worthy five star emotional roller coaster read.  It actually shook me! 

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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