Saturday, 6 December 2014

J A Heron - Belleza

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

After a tragedy, Mya found herself, disowned, alone, and facing living in a big city by herself, she was scared to death. She holds on to secrets and guilt. This is a story about the things she had to survive.
Then she meets Joe, a newly divorced business owner, trying to rebuild his life.

This can be stand alone read, but Trixie's story is coming soon in book 2.

Please be aware this novel contains graphic scenes intended for adults only.

So from the first page you are dragged into Mya Peters hell. What unfolds for her over the coming months and years would leave it's mark on Mya. Despite having little support she has got herself to a place in her life she is proud of, but has this always been the case?

She meets Joe and the pair are obviously besotted. The longing between the pair was incredible and believable however, a family event would drag up someone from Joe's past, but also reveal Mya's past too....I only hoped the pair would be strong enough to cope with this. But time passes until a night out would bring Joe and Mya face-to-face.

With what seems like a cruel turn of events Mya is faced with a situation that would frighten some. But from this her life would move forwards and she would seek some closure, but would this be with Joe by her side or have too many lies been told? Can he trust her again? Would they get the happily ever after they deserved?

Oh it had me hooked from the first page right till the last. An amazing read with an even better story line. I would highly recommend! Go get your copy of this five star read...something in this book for everyone!

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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