Sunday, 28 December 2014

Scott Kaelen - From Grains To Galaxies

**Review by Susan

From Grains To Galaxies is less a collection of stories and poems and more a journey – an exploration of wonder and dread, beauty and terror. It’s a trek through the scenes of uncountable millennia, from sandy dreamscapes to apocalyptic nightmares, from Earth’s fiery beginning to it’s equally infernal end, from gleaming future vistas to the bleak darkness at the cusp of the universe. It traverses life’s moments from birth until death, exposing a plethora of emotions and experiences between and beyond, in all their naked truths. It grabs the genres of science fiction, horror, contemporary and speculative fiction, epic and comic fantasy and slipstream by the proverbial secrets, casts them into the forge, and melts them at high temperatures.
Are your bags packed? Have you said your goodbyes? Then it’s time to start this journey. All that’s left is to open the forge and reach for what’s inside… 

This is the first of Scott's books I've managed to read and honestly didn't know what to expect. A variety of short stories and poems that blew my mind and took me into my 'Bookland'.  
The stories were all mind blowing and the poems more so. And as far as topics went, there is something for everyone and every religion.  
Scott's words were incredible and one particular poem that touched me:

Excerpt from the poem -
"The Wrong Side"
Will we end this tale together
On the bright side of the moon,
And will we find a love forever
On the flip side of this tune...

Lots amongst this book for everyone from a variety of genres and well worth a read.  Wishing Scott every success with his books.

You can keep up with Scott and news about his books on his websiteFacebook and Twitter.

Get your copy of From Grains To Galaxies here (UK) or here (US).

I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. A lovely and humbling review of my book, and I'm very pleased it's being enjoyed by someone out there! This review was an unexpected but very welcome end-of-year present. :)


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