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Mandy Lou Dowson - Bound by Revenge (Moon Bound Series Book 2)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Not suitable for under 18's due to adult themes, explicit scenes and some mild horror. 

Revenge is a dish best served cold. And Donovan has a huge serving of it for one female in particular. He intends to find her and make her pay. But will he find her before the deadly poison in his blood gets him? Running on empty, his body no longer obeying his commands, he must rely on others to keep him alive just long enough to see his plan come to fruition.

There is one she-wolf who will be his touchstone. Together, they are stronger. Together, they might just survive. As the darkness swallows him whole, she will be his saviour. There's only one problem -- he's not interested in being saved.

A choice lies before him -- revenge or love -- but with his heart closed to emotion, his choice may already be made. Hatred is what drives him. But will his vengeance keep him warm at night?

So following on from the recent review of Mandy Dowson's first book "Bound by Fate", comes the second book in the Moon Bound Series. Where do I start?

We return to Donovan, who was badly poisoned by the she-wolf known as Felicity at the end of "Bound by Fate". He has broken way from the pack and is now a free wolf/vogue however comes across a pack whilst looking for treatment of his recent poisoning. It's then that his story unravels as we see his anger for the woman who had broken his world apart and she causes unnecessary mayhem by going off randomly in some kind of madness and kills innocent humans. Breaking more sacred pack laws.

Adelphi the Alpha Female of this pack, despite having a husband latches onto Donovan. But she is already mated to the Alpha Male so there is some strain there....however Adelphi takes Donovan on board, helps him heal and a group of the pack go on to find Felicity once and for all. Their journey is a difficult one. With blood, tears, sex (very hot by the way!), and generally see Donovan grow in feelings for a female member of the pack, Greta.

Greta deserves a round of applause in this book, she is smart, cocky beyond words and you can never tell when she is serious or not LOL.  From the start I noticed their attraction and desperately wanted them to be together. But unfortunate and awful, circumstances would only be the way to finally let Donovan reveal his true feelings for the unmated female.  

I've never read a book before with so many mythical creatures (werewolves, witches, vampires, chimeras...) and felt so completely encapsulated with. My heart desperately wanting nothing but happiness for both Donovan and Greta who both seemed like they held their guards up.  

But will someone close to Donovan make an appearance when he thinks all hope is gone? When he's ready to give up all hope? But will this uninvited stranger be too much for Greta or her pack to accept, given the troubles they may bring with them?! Oooh I want to tell you but I can' MUST go read's actually the best paranormal romance I've read.  

The tears fell on a few occasions throughout the book....I winced in pain for the characters I had grown so fond of through dark twists, and emotions ran high throughout.  
As for the hotness level?! Well it's bloody steamy. But also strangely sensual knowing that the pair had one another and their acts went beyond just the physical act of simply another brilliantly written book by Mandy Dowson and feel very privileged to get a first glance of this book. Keep up the hard work lovely from all of us here in Bookland x

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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