Sunday, 29 March 2015

Leigh Stone - Melodic Minor (Belfast Bound Novella #1)

**Review by Susan

They say the course of true love never runs smooth, and that’s certainly been the experience for Alex and Mel. Fear drove them away from each other, and tragedy almost torn them apart forever.

In a continuation of the love affair between Alex and Melody, we join the pair right where Lex’s Melody left off, and this time we get to hear the tale through their own words in this first person narrative.

What does fortune now hold for the lovers, can they settle down and have the future together that they both deserve, or will old fears be renewed and threaten to pull them apart again? Only time will tell!  

Alex and Mel continue their story from Leigh Stones first book (Lex's Melody) and shows us how the pair are growing together. Learning, loving and learning more about one another.  
Also their relationships with friends and families as the couple spend their first Christmas together. Their love for one another all the more apparent. 

The one relationship I was so emotional about was Alex's good friend and PA, Juliet. Her past tore me up but made me realise the strength of his and her friendship and how graciously Mel accepts her in not just as a friend, but as family into Mel and Alex's lives. To know that Juliet has a chance of a bit of happiness towards the end of this novella just warmed my heart. She truly deserved it. 

But do they get their happily ever after?  A bump in the road will make Alex question his past from the present and take flight, leaving Mel heartbroken.  

"He wouldn't make eye contact with me.  I tried to get him to, but he just wouldn't.  I stood and went to make a move towards him, and he took a step back away from me...the door slammed shut behind him, and he was gone."

My heart broke for the pair, knowing that the way Alex had been treated by his Ex was the only thing making him run from Mel. But would he make it back to Mel before too much damage was done Could she face being treated like that again in fear of being left alone?  

A simply brilliant Novella from Leigh Stone. I'm so excited to read more in the Belfast Bound series as well as her other projects for this year. Another five star read from the talented Leigh Stone!  

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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