Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Eden Elsworth - Spawn of Satan (Rowena, Paranormal Investigator #2)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Rowena’s life isn’t getting any easier… 
She’s found out who her father is, got herself stuck with an angel, and now she’s got a demon out for her blood. Oh, and then there’s all the siblings she never knew she had. 
As her life gets increasingly weird, she finds herself surrounded by sexy men. It should be a dream come true. 
Fighting her way through her troubles, she comes face-to-face with those she’d rather have never met. 
On the bright side, her friend Stephen seems to have met Mr Right. 

Rowena was a brilliant starter point but a short I enjoyed getting my teeth into the next story which seemed to have some more depth and detail about Rowena, her heritage and generally more of her boys ;) 

Upon getting unwanted attention from her new found status as the daughter of Satan (morning star) and her activity "beyond the veil" causes a bit of a stir. So much so, her father designates a demon to aid her in her business and personal life. So this lucky girl doesn't just have an angel by her side but a demon too! And not the horrid vision you're thinking of either ;) 

The story of how she continues her role as a paranormal investigator, deals with her "ticking body clock that the Angel was sent to help with", her sometimes troubled relationship with her father she didn't know existed and her new found bodyguard demon she's been a busy girl!  

And did I mention that Rowena is one of the funniest ladies I know? Her humour throughout the book has me in kinks.  

This isn't a genre I have honestly read before but I must say it fascinated me...death, rebirth, angels, demons, afterlife and all. It really did give me food for thought but the book flowed brilliantly and was highly amusing....not forgetting the hotness....I can't not mention the steamy threesomes can I?! Wow....steam meter, once again blown.  

Another brilliant read by the talented Eden Elsworth.  

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I received a copy of this book to review, but all thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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