Monday, 27 April 2015

Kevin D'Onofrio - The Murderer's Smile

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Stacey

The Evidence Tells the Story. But…What if the Evidence Is a Lie? 

As the top-rated news anchor in all of Dallas, Tony Michaels has his smiling face on billboards all over the Dallas Metroplex which proclaim him to be "The Most Trusted Man in Texas." But when the dismembered bodies of his wife and son are found in his backyard, he is arrested and the media dub him "The Anchor of Death." Tony insists on his innocence, but the evidence is stacked heavily against him and the prosecution believes he has motive. Facing the death sentence and now haunted by disturbing nightmares, Tony receives an unusual visit and enlists the help of friend and private investigator Ryan Samuels. Now it is up to Samuels to find out anything the police missed in their investigation that can prove his friend's innocence and save him from the lethal injection.

In The Murderer's Smile we meet Tony Michaels who is the top news anchor in Dallas. The book begins with him in court where he is on trial for the murder of his family. The story then skips back to when he was in college and a top football player, when he first met his wife Katherine, and how their life panned out. Tony cheated on his wife one night because she didn't want to move in order to further his career, but his wife forgave him. Things then got tough for them again and he cheated again, but this time it panned out into a full blown affair with a girl called Angelique. 

The story then jumps back to the present day where Angelique and Tony really fell for each other, with Tony planning on divorcing his wife and moving away and starting afresh with Angelique. The evening before he decided to tell her, he had way too much to drink and passed out when he got home, awakening the next day to find his family gone; though he thought they had just gone out for the day and he rushed off to work without a second thought.

He gets a visit from the police at work the same day, telling him that his pregnant wife and his son had been murdered, with the dismembered remains found in the garden. Obviously everything points to him and he is taken into custody and the story continues with his trial.

I was really pulled in by this book though I found it a little rushed in places, I really wanted to find out who the murderer was and I thought it was someone else as the clues pushed me right off track, so Kevin did a good job of keeping the true killer hidden until near the end - someone who it never occurred to me to be. The detail of the murders is a bit gruesome and quite sensitive (just a warning) but it did tie in with the story really well. Four out of five stars from me for this one. A recommended read if you like a good crime mystery. 

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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