Monday, 13 April 2015

Krissy V - Till Death Us Do Part

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

When Tasha marries the man of her dreams she wants him to be her forever. He loves her, protects her and makes her laugh...

Until they actually get married.

Follow along as she lives through her wedding vows from For Better or For Worse, then on to In Sickness and In Health and finally see if she makes ti to To Love and To Cherish.

The path of true love never runs smooth and that is the case for Tasha. However, this is a love story and when life throws her a curveball she has to decide whether to catch it.........or run away from it.

A little warning – there will be big, fat, ugly tears. There will be shouting at the book. There will be heart fluttering moments. If that’s what you like in a book, then dive on in and read Tasha’s story about how the perfect love can go horribly wrong.

This trilogy (now turned into one book) has been something I've been meaning to read since first joining the book world last summer. Despite only seeing the trailer for the book a few months ago I jumped at the chance to BETA read the three books being combined.

I don't know where to start because the story is faultless. It's brilliantly written and my heart ached for Natasha as she got married and her life spiralled as her new husband slowly turned against her. Showing Krissy V's talent at writing about the sensitive subject of domestic abuse makes for a hard read but it makes Natasha's survival sorry all the more touching. The journey she takes finding herself, which was lost on her violent husband without her realising it earlier than we know. The relationships and support she has gets her through this awful period in her life but one particular person, Caleb would be her saviour. But could she let him in?  After all the abuse at the hands of Felix, can she ever let another man touch her or give away that part of her heart again?

I flew through the trilogy book in two days because I couldn't actually put it down. Finding a suitable place to stop wasn't easy because I loved it.

We learn more about Felix and his demons, and how he sets her free of his clutches, and watching Natasha build her life back up. New relationships, trust, love and support. I would highly recommend you read this...I can't fault it. Definitely one of my best reads of 2015 so far!

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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