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A K Michaels - New Beginnings (Highland Wolf Clan #3)

**Review by Susan

As the influx of Highlanders arrive in the US, Cameron’s brother Grant comes too. Intent on carrying out his brother’s bonding ritual, and returning home as quickly as possible. However, there are some surprises in store for Grant. Ones that are forever life changing, and which will test the very bonds of his friendship with one of his closest friends.
When Cam and Jinx find a young, lone, Panther Shifter in the forest, injured and facing up to an enraged bear, they do the only thing they can; they take on the bear to save the Panther. On finding out the youngster has no Pack, no family, Cam offers him a home and hopes he hasn’t made a mistake admitting a rogue Panther.
With Jacob finally getting his own bonding ritual, he feels as if he and Rebecca have passed the test of their blossoming relationship. That is, until disaster strikes and a new threat emerges; one he never envisaged.
Can the Highlanders integrate with the rest of the Pack? Will Grant accept his fate? And can Cameron keep everything together; including his multi-billion dollar enterprise?
Find out in Highland Wolf Clan, Book 3, New Beginnings by A K Michaels 

The third book in the Highland Wolf Clan series "New Beginnings" is yet another astounding book by A K Michaels. I simply couldn't put it down. With no threat, this book felt different. No threats or fear. Only pure love.
As the Scottish pack fly to descend on their new land and merge with the old pack we would see new alliances. One of the characters we return to is Grant, Cams brother who comes to meet his big brothers new love, Chastity. See the woman who stole the domineering, business mans heart, who was certain in book one, pack life was not for him! Grant would be sure to find someone of his own in the old pack. Although this may be at the cost of someone else's happiness. But who could deny the calling of their bond? Their hearts would "beat as one" and it was literally meant to be.

Our main Alpha, Cam and Chastity would keep this story and the pack strong. Picking straight back up with their love for one another. Chastity would truly become the she-wolf Alpha. We would see three pairs including Cam and Alpha being formally bonded with their loves.

The love flowing between the couples was clear for everyone to witness and the Pack whooped, screamed and clapped...

The love and compassion in this book was just brilliant. And boy was the pre and post marital sex hot? Yes!! But brilliantly written. My heart filled with pride for all the new love forming with the new pairs as this pack was growing. Made for a happy start and many new beginnings for them all.

It's the strangest feeling ever. This is something I've avoided my entire life, like the plague, but now, right here and now...it's like a euphoria that I've never encountered before.

The other underlying story in the book was that of Fergie and Angel. With Fergie in a wheelchair would Angel be putting her own needs and desires of that of her mate? Rebecca who is skilled in healing would be person Angel would turn to, but would they do what was best for him?

She prayed feverently that he wouldn't be angry at her subterfuge. If he was it would kill her because the last thing she'd ever do was hurt the man she adored.

As with the two previous books I just couldn't put this down. But be warned it has the killer of all cliffhangers. I'm already anxious for book four but know that there is so much more still to read. What a brilliant third installment of this incredible series. I can't praise this book enough. The entire series is a "must read".

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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