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Jess McGlynn - Secrets of the River

**Review by Stacey

Some secrets simply can’t remain hidden...
When Isabelle moves to a sleepy riverside village in France she thinks she is being given a second chance.
Keen to leave behind the secrets of her past, she throws herself into village life where she meets cute American journalist Ed, rugged vineyard worker Matteo, and the dark and mysterious Hugo.
Life should be good, but Isabelle’s arrival acts as a catalyst in the village and she soon discovers she isn’t the only one trying to escape her past and that sometimes there are things which simply can’t remain hidden.
Isabelle must face her mistakes and rediscover herself in 
this wonderful romance set against an idyllic backdrop.

We jump into Secrets of the River meeting Isabelle who has left behind her past in England to stay with her sister Martha and her husband Eric in France. Only Isabelle and her brother-in-law know the full extent of the secret she is leaving behind as she wants to head there with a fresh start.

Settling into French village life in the picturesque village of Brantome, Isabelle meets a whole variety of people with three men catching her attention - Matteo, Ed, and Hugo. They all have completely different personalities yet all have one thing in common - with each other and Isabelle - they are also hiding their own secrets. Brantome seems to be a village of secrets...

"I find the river so seductive. To think that it has probably been lazily winding its way through this part of the country for hundreds of years. Imagine how everything has changed around it but the river remains solid and steady. Imagine the secrets it must have heard, the things it has seen...".

I love Jess's writing through the story, the descriptions of Brantome especially, made me feel like I wanted to jump into the story and be there with them! I like that we discover throughout the story who has a secret and most of them tie in with each other, but we don't discover them until the end of the story which made me want to keep reading to discover them. There is nothing too dark involved though and it makes for a lovely happy ever after.

I must say it has actually been a while since I've read a non-sexual romance but it didn't make it any less wonderful, I loved it just as much both times I read it (as a BETA). A great holiday read with a definitive 4 of 5 stars from me.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. sounds like a really light hearted,sweet read, thanks for sharing with #readwithme x


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