Thursday, 18 June 2015

E J Cownley - The Black Mass Brides

**Review by Susan

Have you ever turned down a date with a guy, only to have him torment you in your dreams?

Nothing good ever came of meeting an overly interested, handsome stranger in the woods. Ollie suspects there's more wrong with Zach than his unfortunate choice in first date locations. Ignore the perfect hair, flawless complexion and James Dean smile, and you're left with dead eyes and a bin bag full of body parts.

Plagued by horrible nightmares, strange occurrences and feelings of being watched, Ollie begins to wonder what Zach really is and whether he's working alone. Did she really did escape him that day in the woods, or is this the start of something far worse...

Ollie is a strong, independent woman who has a job at the local veterinarians and one day meets Zach. The cute but talked about character of her village. Was there any truth to the gossips?  

Zach turned out to be much more than anyone expected and with Ollie frightened of the shadows (literally!) she ends up with more than she bargained for. But it would lead to her having so much more than she ever expected. Even if not through choice!

Would I go through it all again if I knew I’d come out the other end .... Hell yes!  

A dark, twisty, paranormal novella at only 75 pages but well worth a read. The characters besides Ollie were hard to connect with and I felt there were some gaps in the story or maybe some more detail I would have liked to have seen but overall it didn't distract from the story at all.  
3.5/5 star rating.  

You can keep up with E J and news about her books on Goodreads.

Get your copy of The Black Mass Brides here (UK) or here (US). 

I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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