Monday, 22 June 2015

T A McKay - Into the Deep (Into The Series #1)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Life is never easy. 

Makenzie Pierce knows this better than anyone. 

After losing everything that was important to her, her fiancé, job and home, she is about to start her life all over again from nothing. One morning, a chance encounter seems to be changing her luck and at first it seems for the better … but is it? 

Rocco Cole also knows only too well how hard life can be. After suffering a tragic accident, one which almost stole his life, his world imploded into a mess of both abuse and pain, leaving him nothing but a deeply broken man. Vowing to never trust or ever love again, could it really be possible for him to let someone in after only one meeting? Can a simple encounter change everything he ever believed about himself? 

Makenzie is drawn to the chemistry between herself and Rocco, but as he continues to pull away from her, without any reason, she has to decide whether he is worth fighting for. Is she the one woman that can make him believe that he is worth something to someone? And can she be that someone? When she finally uncovers the truth, Mackenzie has to decide if she is the one who can help change the demons that live inside the man that she thinks she can so easily fall in love with. 

Life is never easy, but sometimes the things you really want and need can be worth fighting for, even when you have to take a huge leap of faith and follow your heart, Into The Deep.

The story of Mackenzie had me hooked from the first page when we jump straight into her turmoil of a cheating ex and her picking up the pieces and starting her life elsewhere on her own. But it's not long before she's starting her new life, with a new job, new friendships and new feelings for someone new. With Mackenzies fear of water, her new job seems to keep her close to the stranger she met. Rocco. Oh, Rocco. What a man. He's beautifully damaged. Or so he's been told and believes. He runs from anything good because he believe he's not worthy.

"I thought it was the men who are meant to do all the chasing? Then chase me Rocco. I promise not to run, I'll let you catch me..." 

But can Mackenzie make him find happiness again? Make him believe there is more for him and let her in?

"His past had shaped him, but it didn't define him." 

A truly brilliant read and truly hot...the friendship between Rocco and Mason is heartwarming and he's the brother he never had. I'm excited to read the second book in T A Mckay's series 'Into the Dark' when we get a better glimpse into Mason and his hilarious ways.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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