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A K Michaels - Despair and Destiny (Highland Wolf Clan #4)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Where is Rebecca? Who has kidnapped the sassy Witch from right under the noses of the Wolf Pack? Jacob is distraught and his anger knows no bounds as they fight to find out where his mate has been taken; and by whom. The answer is unimaginable and the bloody confrontation that leaves death in its wake shocks Jacob and Cam to their core.
Can they rescue her unharmed? Or will her ordeal affect her far more than even she could imagine? With happiness surrounding the Pack they have to pull together and seek her out. Before it’s too late.
Chastity faces her own fears of fitting into Cam’s billionaire lifestyle but finds something that she needs his money to fund. Will he agree? Or will she fail in her attempts to be at his side in the ‘human’ world?
With action, love, sadness and grief, read Highland Wolf Clan, Book 4, Despair and Destiny to find out all this and more; much more. If you love your Alpha Wolves, suspense, action and love then this paranormal romance is for you.

If you like Shifters and PNR then this series is for you!

Another hot and suspenseful paranormal read by A K Michaels.

Jumping straight back into the Highland Wolf Clan where we left them in the third book, 'New Beginnings' we come back to the story of Fergie and Angel and how her love for the once-Alpha since his future was bypassed because of his accident which lead him to be bound to a wheelchair. Rebecca had healed him but was still to learn of his new development, which he quickly does upon discovering that she has gone missing from her mate, and Pack. 

"...I couldn't stand by and not do anything...you're my everything, Fergie, and you were dying inside, right in front of my eyes."

With Rebecca missing they unite to find this woman with a heart of gold...bringing her back to her back but what damage would already have done?

The desire for Fergie to return to be rightfully Alpha would cause a strain on the cousins, Fergie and Cam. But surely after all Cam had done for his pack would see them working together rather than against each other...

...Fergie looked over at Cam for the first time and Cam could see an Alpha staring back at him

A trip for Cam and Chastity back to their 'human' lives lets us see their new connection and future together, despite Chastity's concerns.

The continuing relationship between Logan and Tina is also incredible...their story developing from where we had previously left them. Seeing them cement their love for one another firmly...

"I can't even put into words how I feel about you, Logan...it's more than love, it's more than anything I've ever felt before. Love doesn't seem enough to describe it."

But as the pack decides how to move forwards and reassigns their positions accordingly, we see the love we have known and felt from the original characters Cam and Chastity throughout. Their bond going above and beyond every time. 

"I don't want a lot Cam.  I just want us to be happy and have a long life together.  I've learned the hard way just how lucky I am to have found you..."

With a new future and a newly branded pack, we see more emotional developments and exciting times ahead for this group of not only wolves, but friends and family..

The new name, and the one we will be known by from this day forward is, Wild Highland Heather Pack.

Another awe inspiring read by A K Michaels for the Highland Wolf Clan Series full of hope, determination, bonds and acceptance and equality, despite whatever comes their way...the future of the West Highland Heather Pack seems full of promise, commitment, trust and most importantly love.

...It's all real.  We are real.  It's only the beginning, Chastity.  We have our whole lives ahead of us...

A truly magnificent read that captured me from the first page right until the very last. Spellbinding in more ways than one. If you haven't read these books, please do! 

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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