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KA Hobbs - Destined (The Connected Series #5)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Do you believe in soul mates? That there is one person out there who you’re supposed to meet? To fall in love with? One person who completes you? I’m Miley. And I do. Because I found mine. I’ve never been the kind of girl who needed a man to feel complete. Until I met Jonathan. Now I can’t bear to spend a night away from him. Sickening isn’t it? Anyway, you all know who we are, but you don’t know how our story began or how it finishes….or just begins. So let me tell you our story. The most beautiful love story even if I do say so myself. You’ll fall head over heels for my man, I know you will. Come and meet Mr Cooper. 

**Warning: Spoilers Included**

So book five of The Connected Series has arrived! The story of Miley and Jonathan...

We see Miley and her friendship with Sophie more in this book and hilarious antics you can just imagine having conversations with your own best friends..

Jonathan - the hot as hell nightclub owner. The gentleman. The man every woman wants. He cooks, he's romantic and meaningful. Despite them only knowing one another for a short time their feelings are pretty was true love. They were soul mates.

Jonathan...after less than five days of meeting we've admitted we love each other. Space in your wardrobe doesn't scare me in the slightest. The thought of being without you is the only thing that scares me...

Miley's introduction to Mr Cooper (or Jonathan) as we will know him better as is a handsome devil. And a caring affectionate one at that...

"I've got you, you're safe with me.  I promise."..I know he isn't just talking about keeping me upright.

The physical, emotional and sexual attraction is just brilliant. As with all The Connected books! Jonathan's romantic ways will make your heart ache and other parts too I imagine ;)

"Do you know what your words do to me?" He whispers huskily.
"I have an idea.  Your eyes are black."
"My eyes?"...
"Yes.  When you're aroused, they're almost black."
"I'm so much more than aroused right now, Miley,  I'm complete."

But not only Jonathan falls in love with Miley, but his mum and dad too. They really do have their happily ever after...

When I look into her green eyes, I see tears there too.  Right then and there, I love the woman standing before me, she steals a part of my heart and I think I steal some of hers as well.

THE treasure hunt....MY treasure hunt. I swear I'll beg my husband to do something so bloody adorable. This mans romance skills knows no bounds....did I mention I adore him?!

Are you wondering why I put this note on the 6th tree?  Today, we've been together exactly 6 months and they have been the best 6 months of my where are you going from here I hear you ask?...

The fairy tale love story they have progresses....and they buy a house together, under no illusion of what the future holds...amongst many other commitments I just loved reading about. My heart was just bounding for the soul mates.

I want to take this table because it is where you and I started and it should be there at our new house...I want you to make love to me on this very table the night we move into our new home.  I want this to be the first part of our story.

But all was not to plan as fertility became an issue for the couple...their heartbreak and despair evident, but equally their strength and belief pulling them through...

I have no idea what the road ahead of us is going to be like, Jonathan.  I just know that I want this more than I've ever wanted anything before in my whole life.  And I want it with you.

So much more than a HEA...because that wasn't given to Jonathan or Miley on a plate. A story of love, romance and heartbreak surrounding fertility. An amazing read that had me leaping for joy in their romance and equally sobbing into my pillow in the characters darkest moments. But they had one another the entire journey...another incredible book in The Connected Series.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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