Saturday, 29 August 2015

M.B. Feeney - Just Like in the Movies (A novella)

*Review by Susan

Ava Jones has settled for a life that she’s not sure she wants anymore, but won’t admit it. Her best friend, Erica Davidson talks her into taking a break on the Isle of Wight. Her days on the island are spent thinking things through, and arguing with Morgan whom she hates on principal.

Is it so wrong for her to want a life that follows the script of a honest to God romance film?

Ava with the company of her good friend Erica head for a beach holiday at the Isle of White for ten days. During this time, she would find herself, find comfort in being alone as well as realising that the long term relationship she was in wasn't making her happy anymore.

But between the handsome stranger she meets whilst away - who truthfully grates on Ava initially, and the continual worry about her old life and Marcus, she loses sight of grabbing an opportunity. Of taking a chance...

Having the time and space to myself allowed me to realise how many changes I needed to make in my life. As hard as that was, I think that was the start.

A heartwarming novella of choices, chances, happiness and love, I truly fell in love with this novella. I urge you to read it! A brilliant, short, summer read!

Sometimes life takes a new direction out of nowhere, just like in the movies.

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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