Friday, 4 September 2015

Holly Renee - Letting Go (The Garage #1)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

When Kat was forced to leave the only home she had ever known due to her brother's secrets, she wasn't prepared for what was waiting for her in Tennessee or the choices it would force her to make.

Kat instantly knew she didn't like Blake Reagan. He was cocky, stubborn, and infuriating. What Kat didn't understand was why she couldn't stop thinking about him or the way he made her feel.

The last thing Blake expected was for Kat Archer to storm into his world and turn it upside down. He thought he had her pegged from the beginning, but she destroyed everything he thought he knew. Blake was willing to fight to push his way into Kat's heart, but she put up a wall at every turn as she clung to her past.

If she stayed, she'd risk the only family she had left. If she left, she'd lose Blake and every piece of her heart that he'd managed to steal.

This story is the first in a while I can say I've managed to read without getting too deep, or over thinking, and just generally enjoyed the flow. Kat Archer is one brilliant young woman, who despite her best efforts sees her brother going off the tracks a little. Leaving to go visit her Uncle in Tennessee (whilst giving her brother the time he needs to get himself straight!) would lead her to so much more than just a break away. But the one and only, Blake.

Blake -
I knew that I was playing with fire, but I had a feeling that it would be a privilege to get burned by her.

With "Uncle Garry" keeping a close eye on Kat, (his surrogate daughter of sorts) and all his employees at the garage (yes that's right ladies, men, covered in grease, and they are all hot! Phew!) Blake has been warned to treat Kat respectfully after knowing all she has been through, past and present. But the troubles with Kat's brother, Dustin would play on her mind...

Dustin and I had always been close. He'd been my best friend for as long as I could remember, but the man who stood across from me now was unrecognisable.

After getting a home and job compliments of her Uncle Garry, Kat forms a relationship with Blake. But despite everyone's desire for Kat to stay in Tennessee and allow herself happiness...she is always thinking of her brother and never letting herself create long term ties...

I knew losing Blake would kill me, but it would only get worse the longer I held on. Maybe it was time that I let go.

After a trip back to check on Dustin and his troubles, would they eventually catch up to Kat? Would she ultimately pay the price for his debts?

This book will have you by the edge of your seat!  

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I was sent a copy of this book to review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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