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#FosterAnAuthor - Nicole Storey with Ladies Living in Bookland

#FosterAnAuthor Week - week commencing 19th October 2015 
Our week with Nicole Storey

With the help of the brilliant JoandIsalovesbooks the #FosterAnAuthor idea was put into place and those lovely ladies pulled off a massive (and we think bloody brilliant!) idea!

A blog is randomly selected an author to promote, however they choose.
Ladies Living in Bookland were the proud foster blog to Nicole Storey!

We have done a spotlight of all her books on our Facebook page, an author bio and also an interview to get to know the lovely lady herself...

Here's how it went:

INTERVIEW - with Nicole Storey 

1.  Hi Nicole, thank you for being our Fostered Author for Ladies Living in Bookland! So excited to have met you and you're a new author to us, so could you tell us a little bit about yourself and where you're from?

Thanks so much for adopting me this week. I'm honored to be hosted on your amazing blog!
I'm from a small, armpit-of-nowhere town in Georgia in the US. I'm the mother of two amazing kids (one with autism and Tourette's) and wife to a wonderful hubby. :) When I'm not writing, I enjoy gardening, cooking, reading, and I celebrate Halloween all year long. LOL!   

2.  What genre of books do you write and why did you decide to go into that particular genre?

I write middle-grade fantasy and young adult urban fantasy. All of my books have a supernatural feel to them. I guess the reason why is because I've always been fascinated by things that can't be explained or go bump in the night. My favorite past time when I was young was reading, so I try to write books I think kids will enjoy without talking down to them. I tackle tough questions and topics I think young adults today deal with, but may be too afraid to voice. 

3.  How many books do you have published and when did you first release your first book?

I have five books published. My first book was released by a small press "publisher" (and I use that word lightly) in 2011. I republished in 2013.

4.  Which author(s) do you aspire to be as good as or gave you the inspiration to get into the author world?

Wow, tough question. There are many Indie authors I've had the honor to befriend who take me on beautiful adventures with every book they write. Laurie Boris, Leland Dirks, Fred Limberg ... I could go on for hours. If I become half the author they are, I think I could finally be content with my writing.

5.  What is your favourite book of all time? I know it's a mean question! Pick a few if you like!

The first book I ever fell in love with was The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis. My second favorite is To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. I've read those books so many times I can recite entire passages. 

6.  Do you currently have any works in progress or new releases coming up? Can you tell us about them? 

I'm working on the fourth book in my Grimsley Hollow series, The Longest Days of Night. A reader once described this series as the only one where being autistic makes you a hero. The main character was fashioned 
from my son. It's about a young, autistic boy who discovers a magical, Halloween-type world that's in peril. His autism gives him special powers, and because of this, he is the only one who can save Grimsley Hollow.

7.  For fun! Tell us something no one else can be completely crazy or random.

At night, when I'm lying in bed, I tell myself what I'm going to dream about. LOL! Sometimes, it even works.

8.  What is the most difficult/emotional scene you've ever had to write?

The most difficult scene I've taken on was a semi-sexual scene in Refracted (The CeladonCircle Book 2). I don't read a lot of romance, and have always imagined anything I attempted to write in the romantic sense would read like a SNL skit.
After the release of Blind Sight, readers begged me for a bit of love between my characters, and I always aim to please – within limits. I don't think I did too poorly. At least, no one's complained yet. :)

The most emotional scene I've written was the death of one of my characters from the same book. It's amazing how attached we become to those who live in between pages.

9.  Off topic for a moment....Who is your man crush?

Jensen Ackles from the t.v. show, Supernatural. He's the only man I'd leave my husband for! Ha-ha! 

10.  Lastly, have you ever attended any signings or do you plan to this year or next?! Can any of our fans keep a watchful eye out for you anywhere?

I do plan on setting up a few signings in the coming year. I announce all information on my website/blog, including cool contests, giveaways, discounted prices, promos, and new releases. I'd love to have readers sign up! Here's the link for anyone interested:

Can I just take a minute to thank JoandIsalovesbooks for all the hard work and time put into this huge event and generally tell them how brilliant a job they have done whilst dealing with so many authors and bloggers. You girls rock!! 

Also to our fostered author, Nicole Storey for bearing with me on the lead up to this as I think we were both finding our feet a little (but we made it!) and you have been a pleasure to work with and an honour to meet - thank you!  

Lastly - check out the giveaway which includes an Amazon Giftcard, signed paperbacks and ebooks! 

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