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C L Bentham - Finding the Star

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

At the age of fourteen, Jessica Tunney’s world crumbled. Waking from a coma, after a road traffic accident involving her and her dad, she was told he had not survived it and she never got to say goodbye. He was everything to Jessica. His name was her first words, he taught her to ride her bike, made her knee better when she fell over and told her how to deal with her very first break up. But there was one thing that she would always remember, something that came to her whilst waking from her coma; the song Twinkle Twinkle little star, the song her dad would always sing to her. Each time he would tell her that her mam was his Twinkle star, and that one day in her future she would find her star. Missing her dad and with that on her mind, Jessica became all childlike, disruptive and lost. When her original search didn’t work she then became sexually active, she craved the attention of men, trying to feel some kind of connection; trying to find her own star. Now at the age of twenty five and working at her local supermarket, she is still trying to find what she is looking for, sometimes disastrous, sometimes humorous. But there is one man she craves, an actual real life star, a TV star…Brendon Bratt. With a niggling in her head that she believes is her dad, pushing her towards him, she travels to London to meet him. But is Brendon the one for her and will he actually want her? Whilst Jessica finds out, TV & Movie actor, Seth Daniels introduces himself. She instantly feels comfortable with him, has a feeling of sexual want and doesn’t feel like being childlike anymore. But does being with Seth come with consequences, his past, other influences, his career, Brendon…her heart? Jessica’s heart broke when she lost her dad, could Seth be the next one to do it? Or after her search of finding the star, has she finally found him?

***Due to some sexual scenes and mature language, this book is recommended for readers 18+. Adult Romance.*** 

Jessica is one incredibly strong and brave young woman. Having lost her father far too soon. She ventures after the one man she believes to be the the love of her life. Her star. But this turns out to be the worst decision ever. Brandon - however only use that arrogant, egotistical man would be use for would be leading Jessica to Seth. Her true star.

You know what I see in front of me?  A beautiful, young woman, who for no fault of her own got caught up in the world of liking a celebrity, it happens and it is usually down to the actor...

As the pair learn one another, and struggle to gain some normality in the world of celebrity...

I would like to find the one, not someone who just wants to be with me because of my status, someone who, when I am away, I get through it with a smile knowing I will get to see them at the end of it. They want me for me, I want to be attracted to them in every way...

The true love story between the pair as they develop their pure love for one another is nothing short of brilliant. The sheer bliss of their affections for one another was clear to see and feel.

My heart was skipping beats...was this me finding my Prince Charming? Finding my Star? Oh not again, I really don't want to be wrong again.

But after a run in from Seth's co-star and Jessica's one bad decision, would the pair be able to cling onto a future after the newspapers would scrawl Jessica's lust for the world to see? Seth decides it's time to leave. That he can't live up to the pedestal he has been put on. By this stage I was a bawling mess!

When I'm with you, I don't know, it just feels like I have to take on the world single handedly...I don't think I am the star in that song you have been trying to find...

An amazing story with an incredible ending but I won't divulge here!  poiler free reviews but I can tell you this is a must read. I am officially a massive fan of C L Bentham's!

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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