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Jaye Cox - Unexpected Consequences (Love is not enough, #1)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

This is an updated cover edition

"He is my weakness"

"Just one look from him was enough to make me lose my resolve and do things I usually wouldn't. He might say he is not a good guy, if only he could see himself the way I do. Even if being with him came with consequences."

Isabella Preston's life was perfect, until the day she met Rayne Hollywood. He came into her life like a tornado - his world moved so fast that she loved it, she felt free to be the person she really was and not the perfect person everyone expected. Is she strong enough for everything that is Rayne Hollywood?

"She is my strength"

"She is the reason there is light in my darkness, the strength I need to live. Seeing myself through her eyes gives me hope, that I deserve more in life. Finding her was unexpected.

Rayne Hollywood was set on revenge and he was ready to do anything he had to do to get it. He didn't care about anyone he had to hurt in the process - until he saw Isabella Preston. She wasn't part of the plan, but he wanted her. The only question was could he get the revenge he came here for and still keep the girl he always wanted?

When you fall in love so fast, is love really enough to get you through all the secrets and lies?

Maybe love is not enough.
*Can be read as a standalone*

So, another blinder for Susan here.  No idea what to expect but the story of Isabella and bad boy Rayne had me hooked. The deep and secretive man who were both falling for one another from their first meet... Despite his warning, Isabella could not keep away from him.


I don't believe he is as bad as he thinks he is as I can see a good guy who just thinks he is no good.

As the pair get closer and their feelings grow we gradually learn about the pair. They let each other in emotionally, but for a nineteen year old girl I was blown away at the character, Isabella and her maturity. I loved her and her heart on her sleeve attitude...

It will always be me standing here beside you, always and forever. If you push me away, I'll chase you until you're willing to catch me again. Just remember, I'm only human, Rayne. If I need to leave, I'll always come back to you, and I will love you with everything I have until the last beat of my heart.

But Rayne has a past that she only hopes he will let her in on. In time. But this would take a disastrous turn of events when she finds out what Rayne gets up to when he sneaks out. Would it truly break her and the feelings they have for each other?

Help me understand why this is how it has to be.
I just don't know how to do this.  I keep thinking if I keep loving him then he'll realize he's loved and that will be enough, but maybe loving him isn't enough; it's just all I have.

With Isabella feeling abandoned by her one true love, she breaks down but also develops a new friendship, with none other than Rayne's brother...he truly would be her lifeline during her darkest hours and beyond...

...I am no longer their perfect Isabella.  
He ruined that for me and I want to hate him for it, but I can't. I love him.

But the pair have some heartache ahead of them and once Isabella, Rayne's "Tiny Dancer" learns of the truth as well as the 'Unexpected consequence' would she be able to let him back in after the lies and heartache? The boy is a charmer, but a romantic one at that. Oh, ladies he's awesome not only with the romantic words but actions too! Book boyfriend material here!

You're the rainbow after my storm, the light to my darkness. You complete me, Tiny Dancer - I will love you forever and even then I will find a way to keep on loving you.

Despite Isabella's strive for perfection, throughout their first year together, learning, loving, forgiving and mending, this incredible pair have a future beyond recognition. But the love, heartache, home truths and friendships make this a truly awe inspiring read that I couldn't put down.

...for the first time I'm happy to accept it's not perfection. I'm okay with all our imperfections, we're perfectly imperfect together.

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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