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Shari J. Ryan - Red Nights

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

I'm Felicity Stone, a twenty-five-year-old with my whole life ahead of me. Well, until recently.

I didn't do it. Why would they think I did? Why would I want my twin brother dead? Why is everyone looking at me like I'm a criminal?

Well, everyone except him... Hayes Peyton, the charmingly beautiful stranger I met in the park at midnight; a totally legitimate place to meet the man of my dreams. Plus, he knows I'm innocent.

Believing him is easy. So very easy. Maybe too easy?

But when you hear things like: 'All good is laced with some bad, and everything you think is the truth, is nothing more than a blatant lie,' it makes you question reality.

In Shari J. Ryan's latest Romantic Suspense, Red Nights, you wonder how dark your world can get before all you see is red.

---A standalone, Romantic Suspense---

The undeniably sad story of Felicity captures you into her world at the time it's turned upside down. A house fire, that would leave her own twin brother dead...

"It's evident now.  Our heartbeats were both discovered at the same time. Now only one will remain."

But as the story unfolds and we learn more about the characters, we hear of her true love and support for her twin. But during this awful time, filled with remorse, anger and guilt, Felicity meets Hayes...

"Hayes is a total stranger, yet somehow he's becoming my safe place. Safe person."

But with everything she is going through and however broken she feels at losing the one true man in her heart, her twin brother, could she really contemplate letting him in? When she was already hurting?

"You make the pain go away. You're the first person to make me feel something else....It's like you're giving me air to breathe after being suffocated for so long."

As the pair grow together and through the adversity they face together, we learn of Hayes past and his damage. The man is a pure Saint who has been through hell and back but just like Felicity. They would both help heal one another through this awful period in their lives...

"I mourned alone. I'm still mourning alone. And it hurts like hell. Maybe, just maybe, I didn't want to watch someone as innocent as you go through something like this alone."

But I have to say I was intrigued by this beautiful cover and title and boy did it all make beautiful sense in this story.
The story that Felicity suffers so much from, not only her material aspect of her life, but her own brother, makes her seek him out in the skies above. The red skies that she connects with the fire she feels she left him in. The sky she looks to in order to find him again, wherever he may be.

"It's like the fire has been burnt into my mind.  Red nights; that's what I'm left with now."

"...I think the reason I still see red is because part of me is afraid to let it go. I feel like I'll be moving on and away, leaving Blake behind in the fire."

But between the truth of her ordeal finally coming out and discovering that someone so incredibly close to her had maliciously done this to her, just breaks her heart. Seeing her true strength, courage and determination to live her life as best she can with the new man in her life by her side is awe inspiring.

Final and favourite excerpt from the book....
"Time does not always heal, but it eases. Our pain is like the earth, slowly moving, never really changing, and always seeking the light of another day."

An incredible read that did take me a few days to digest and complete due to the difficult and emotional content, made for a fantastic read. With different friendships, loves and trust all building throughout this was a brilliant read but admit I did struggle a little in the middle. But was well worth persevering with to get the answers and insight into the truth.

You can keep up with Shari and news about her books on her websiteFacebookTwitter, and Goodreads.

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

Tiffany Flowers - Missing Pieces (Pieces #1)

**Review by Susan

Gabby survives her ex-boyfriend's brutal attack, only to be ripped away from her life by a complete stranger. She is thrown into the world of Immortals, where every nightmare out there exists and walks free. She can't deny her attraction to this stranger, Neeko, but he must earn her trust before she will ever let him into her heart. Can she learn to love again? Will love be enough, or will everything come crashing down?
Neeko sees Gabby and immediately knows she is someone special. He makes a rash decision to kidnap her, because he can't stop thinking about her. Now he must somehow prove to her that she is his mate and his soul's other half. How can he have a human for a mate? Can he keep her safe from Demons? Or is he her biggest threat?
When the missing pieces fall into place to reveal all their secrets, will they stand together or apart?

The romance between Gabby and Neeko is a very quick one. Destined to be together because they are mates. But then with Gabby being human, whilst Neeko immortal has to pose a few problems?!

I am the leader of the Immortals and I am brought to my knees by a woman?!  ... See if you can find me the Oracle.

Here is much more to learn about Gabby surrounding her past, being adopted would lead to learning much more about her. Her previous relationship also turns violent so she's more than a little fragile...

Sometimes it just takes the right amount of love and patience to fit all the pieces back together. Like a bent puzzle piece, you just have to tenderly put it back straight to make the picture whole. So, if you can give me all your broken, bent, even torn pieces, I will slowly put you back together.

Neeko is to die for. A true gentle-man  - pardon the pun. Although he too had had his issues making the pair all the more compatible. Having lost his family to demons, his hatred towards them know no bounds...

I lost everything that day. I will kill every demon or half-demon I can find. I despise all of them. They are vile creatures and none of them are worth saving. They will pay for what they did...

I think I need to rate this story 3.5 stars. Not because I didn't enjoy it, but because I felt like it was very jumpy and I can't say I connected to many of the characters. But the story on the lead up to the end as well as the cliffhanger for the next book is brilliant.

You can keep up with Tiffany and news about her books on her websiteFacebookTwitter, or Goodreads.

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

Friday, 19 February 2016

C L Bentham - Finding The One...Seth's Story

*Contains adult themes (sexual content)
**Review by Susan

This is Seth Daniels’ life at the moment. Once a big-shot TV star with a movie under his belt, the world at his feet, and producers falling over each other to have him on their show, he is now spiralling out of control! And he blames it on one thing: relationships. Seth Daniels has a heart of gold, loves and adores women, but his focus on his career has made all the good relationships come to an end. He now believes he needs to act like the bad boy he was trying to portray when he first started out. No relationships...just one woman after another. But after an incident that not only shakes Seth up, but also his friends and family, he is dragged from New York back to England...back to reality. Still trying to act the big man and pushing people away, Seth slips up, and hearing words from a close dying relative, he realises he needs help. 
With the help given, Seth sees sense and begins to get his life back on track. With his career once again taking off and feeling a lot more grown up, Seth begins to think of relationships again...but can he shake off those demons from his past?
Along comes Jessica Tunney. She has her own demons, one of which Seth works alongside of, but he can't stop thinking about her. He wants her, but at the same time, he slightly tries to push her away. Jessica is not from his world of fame and he becomes worried that she will hate to be around it all and eventually leave him, or he won’t be able to cope himself and go back to that past he wants to leave behind. But Jessica wants Seth and she is determined to keep him. Can your past let you have your future?
A relative’s passing! A stalker fan! Press intrusion! Trying to shake off your past! It's time to hear Seth's story...before Jessica, meeting Jessica, and him and Jessica now. You met him in Finding the Star, now it's time to come along on his journey of Finding the One.

I was so excited to read this (my first time reading anything from the lovely C L Bentham!) and Seth's story was one I was worried I'd maybe have read before. But it wasn't. I loved Seth. His rebellious side, his cheeky, cocky, stubborn attitude made him hilarious. He was quite the. Neely chappy.

With his friends and family worrying about the destructive path he is taking and an unfortunate piece of news for Mr Daniels I only hoped he would be out on the straight and narrow. This man knew what he wanted but hung onto his career as a focus as it wouldn't leave wouldn't hurt him. It was the one thing he had control over....or at least he thought he did.
When he meets Jessica she's the final piece of the jigsaw. She too has her baggage and pain and they seem to help one another. Could he finally be getting his happily ever after?

This is a relatively short story and I enjoyed it a lot. Witty, smart, sassy characters with a good story to was a brilliant read.  I would rate it 4 stars.

You can keep up with C L Bentham and news about her books on her websiteFacebookTwitter, or Goodreads.

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Monday, 15 February 2016

Shweta Choudhary - I Miss...Me

*Contains triggers (bullying)
**Review by Susan

This is a non fiction book based on abuse and bullying. Few of them are from my life. 

This is not a sappy, happy tale. This is a story, a very sad one, about pain and heartache. This is a story about someone who lost herself and doesn’t know how to stand back up and piece back together the wrecked heart that gets hurt at every turn.

The heart is a stupid bitch. The brain knows it is damaged beyond repair, but it still holds onto hope that everything will be all right. This is not a story of inspiration where one learns how to overcome obstacles. It’s a story about the tattered soul of a very broken girl.

Wow!  For a short story, the amount of pain, and hurt that reverberates in this story is astounding. As Shweta's first release I am beyond excited for her and can't recommend enough that you read this!

Please note that some scenes may be triggers for those who have been bullied themselves.


You are not nobody. You are somebody. You are special...Wear your invisible armour and fight to be you. It's not easy being you.

Beautifully written and I can't wait to read more from this talented author!

You can keep up with Shweta on Facebook and Goodreads.

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Janet A. Mota - Shattered

*Contains adult themes (sexual content/sexual abuse)
**Review by Susan

Haylee was raped in high school. When she identified the rapist to the authorities, it was dismissed for no evidence. She had to live in fear until she graduated high school. Her parents have not been able to deal with what happened to her and have shut her out of their lives. She goes to college and meets Stacey. Stacey and her family become her family. She meets Zander, Stacey’s older brother, and immediately falls for him. She has never dated and he only experience she's had with a man was her rape. Zander feels the same for Haylee but she keeps pushing him away. One thing leads to another and Haylee decides she will not let the rape control her life anymore. Will Haylee allow herself to love Zander freely? Will Zander take those demons out of her head and show her what love is?

Haylee's heartbreak and physical and emotional destruction as she finds herself raped by one of the most popular guys at school, with nothing more than a heavy heart, despite her bravery at coming forward, only to be dismissed and unbelieved about her rape.  A rape survivor's worst nightmare...

I can't believe this is happening. My rape is being dismissed. I have to go back to that school and face the man that did this every single day until graduation.  

But after leaving high school, she would meet a girl who would be a lifeline for Haylee and a vital person in her life. Stacey...

We were more like sisters than friends. She stuck by me through everything and never pushed me to do anything that I was uncomfortable with. I trust her with my life but I never told her my deep dark secret....the idea of being with a man terrifies me.  

But after a visit home with Stacey to meet the rest of her new friends family, she would truly feel a part of something. A family so strong, so loving, and something she'd felt she hadn't been a part of for a very long time after being so cruelly dismissed by her own parents. But Stacey's brother (Zander) would be the one who captured her heart. Even if she was still reeling over her past, and knew it wouldn't go anywhere. 

I have been in love with Stacey's older brother, Zander, since I met him.  I never said anything because I am too broken for him.  Why would he want me?  

But with the three different points of view, Haylee, Zander and Stacey I felt an instant connection with all the characters. Their friendship, compassion and bonds all shone through. Zander is an incredible guy, who with the patience and perseverance would finally get a chance with Haylee?

Zander - I am at the point in my life where I am ready for a wife and a family. It is the only thing missing in my life. Unfortunately, the only woman I want to do that with isn't interested in me. My heart breaks every time I look at her and know that I might never have her. 

As Haylee finally finds the strength to push her fears aside in the chance of future happiness, my heart soared for her. Immense pride in this incredible woman for moving forward to see what the next chapter would be....

I'm in love with him and I need to put my fears aside. It is about time that I make myself happy. I need to put my big panty's on and finally put myself out there.  

As Zander accepts Haylee for all she is, and she accepts him in and learns to trust him, their relationship flourishes. The love evident and the patience and trust on both sides was incredible....

"I want a life with you. I want to make you my family. I want to protect you and support you. I promise to never go anywhere even when you push me away. We will do this together, as slow as you need it to be. You are in control and we will do this your way."

After surviving the terror of rape, the betrayal of family, we see this amazing young woman build herself back up. A successful career, best friend, good support network, and an incredible man in her life....a truly brilliant character that I adored from start to finish. High praise for Janet A. Mota and this incredible read! 

You can keep up with Janet and news about her books on her websiteFacebook, and Goodreads.

Get your copy of Shattered here (UK) or here (US). Add to your Goodreads TBR here.

I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Release Blitz - From The Heart: A Valentine's Anthology




From The Heart: A Valentines Anthology

Authors: M.B. Feeney, L.J. Harris, Beverley Hollowed, Sarah Elizabeth, Laura Morgan, Kyra Lennon, RJ Thompson, JA Heron

Release Date 14th February 2016

***All proceeds raised by this book will be donated to British Heart Foundation and will initially be priced at 99p/99c - this price will change after release***

Smart Buy Link:

M.B. Feeney and L.J Harris–Roll Of The Dice

A Roll of the Dice leads to . . . fun between Thomas McDonald and Maisie Lewis as they embark on the next stage of their relationship.

Will they see it through, or will nerves get the better of them?

Beverley Hollowed–Changing Hearts
When Logan Bryce met Ella Graham, she became his whole world. Logan thought they would spend the rest of their life together. But when Ella gets sick, Logan has to face the possibility of losing the love of his life.

As he sits by Ella’s bedside and prays for her to live, he thinks back over their life together, and how they got to where they are today.

All Logan has left now is hope and a dream that maybe miracles do happen.

Sarah Elizabeth-Online Valentine

All I wanted was for him to notice me, but he didn’t even know that I existed … well, not really.

To him, I was always just Emmy. 

Little Emmy.

Emmy the freshman. 

Emmy, his best friend’s little sister.

He never paid me any real attention. At least, he didn’t until the day I decided to become somebody else.
Laura Morgan–Fly Away

After years of feeling unhappy and alone, Aria dreams of spreading her wings and flying away. Playing second fiddle to her husband's career was never her idea of a fulfilling life, but she’s too lost in her sea of self-pity to make a change.

That is, until she meets Dexter Fray. After pursuing his dreams and becoming part of one the world’s hottest boy bands, he’s lost himself in the process. He's lonely and miserable, but so smothered by fame and fortune he can’t make that change either.

When the pair meet one starry night on a rooftop, they find a kindred lost soul staring back at them in the darkness. A connection is made and their lives start to change, whether they wanted it to or not, and Aria wonders if perhaps Dexter might be the key to helping her find herself again.

If only it could be quite so easy…

Kyra Lennon–Sunshine & Surprises

It was supposed to be the happiest day of Eden’s life. Graduation day, followed by one final summer with no responsibilities.

When an unexpected pregnancy scuppers her plans, Eden has to break the news to her commitment-phobic boyfriend, Declan. With big decisions to make and Declan pushing her away, Eden’s world crashes around her as she faces not only the prospect of single motherhood, but the knowledge that she may have lost the man she’d waited so long to be with.

In a bid to stop her life spiralling out of control, Eden has to make some tough choices, but will Declan step up and ease the burden, or will Eden be left – literally – holding the baby?

RJ Thompson-An exercise in Love
At 25 Carly was fed up. She was single and the ugly duckling of her group. A night out turns into a disaster and opens her eyes. Giving her the courage to make that change and to be the woman she’s always hidden inside. Andy a personal trainer seeing the woman she really is gives her the push she needs to grab life with both hands and finally be happy and love herself.

JA Heron-Jersey Girl
Fun loving Kat and her bezzie Benny, know how to have a good time. But, it’s not always been fun and games in Kat’s life. Circumstances left her with nothing and so far, her time on this planet has been a rough ride. Orphaned after losing both parents and abandoned by her last living relative–her sister. Kat depends on her two closest friends, without whom, she’d probably be sleeping rough on the streets with a bottle of rum in her hands. 

One cold and dreary night, she meets Connor Reeves. He arrives in Jersey to visit his elderly uncle. That’s when her life changes… but it’s not all plain sailing.


M.B. Feeney
M. B. Feeney is an army brat who finally settled down in Birmingham, UK with her other half, two kids and a dog. Currently at university studying for her BA (Hons) in primary teaching, she procrastinates on her assignments by listening to music of all genres and trying to get ‘just one more paragraph’ written on whichever WIP is open. She is also a serious doodler and chocoholic. Writing has been her one true love ever since she could spell, and publishing is the final culmination of her hard work and ambition.
Her publishing career began with two novellas, and she currently has multiple projects under way, in the hopes that her portfolio of what have been described as “everyday love stories for everyday people” will continue to grow. Always having something on the go can often lead to block which eventually gets dissolved by good music and an even better book.
Her main reason for writing is to not only give her readers enjoyment, but also to create a story and characters that stay with readers long after the book is finished, and possibly make someone stop and think “what if . . . ”

Links: Find M. B. Feeney at the following . . .

L.J Harris
L. J. HARRIS is a mother of teenage twin boys who she loves with all her heart. Her family is her life, her soul, and the very reason she gets out of bed every day. Coming a close second to her family is her writing.
She only just discovered a passion for writing in the past five or so years. She’d always written little poems in birthday cards for family members, but that was as far as her writing aspirations went...until she decided to write poems and give them to family members as homemade gifts.
It was then a spark was lit, and ever since, she hasn’t been unable to switch off the urge to write.
After a close family member fell ill, she began questioning what she wanted and searching for answers. Unable to sleep one night, she sat up and typed out her feelings on the laptop. Her husband read what she’d written and encouraged her to write more. It was then she knew she wanted to share her thoughts with others. She began with writing what she knew—her life story, but couldn't get into it. Instead, she decided to write about something not based on fact, but fiction, and wrote a dream sequence which she showed to her family. They encouraged her to expand on it, and she hasn’t stopped since.
L.J. Harris discovered that as much as enduring pain, loss, betrayal, or any other negative thing in our lives can be devastating, if she hadn't experienced them for herself, she not only wouldn't have found some lifelong friends, she doubts she would have been able to write the feelings of anguish and loss that some of her characters have had to endure.
L.J. has been previously published and has shared several online stories and looks forward to continuing to share her work.

L. J. Harris can be found at:

Beverley Hallowed
My name is Beverley, though most people call me Bev. I live in Dublin, Ireland with my husband, my two sons and my dog Alfie. I released my first book, Forever and Always in December 2012. I have since released 10 more books, including two series. I am stay at home mom and a full time writer.  I love music and almost anything creative.

Sarah Elizabeth
Sarah Elizabeth is a British author who writes in the Romantic Suspense, New Adult, and Contemporary Romance genres. She lives and breathes for all things books, be it writing them, reading them, and sometimes even stroking them!
Her main influences are Rachael Wade, Jennifer Probst and Tina Reber.
She is a major fan of music with very eclectic taste, listening to Delta Goodrem through to Fightstar, Dvicio through to 3 Doors Down.
Sarah thrives to add mystery to the romance in all of her projects, spending many evenings and late nights when her four young children are tucked up in bed to let the words pour onto the pages and the characters inside her mind completely take over.
Social Media Links:

Twitter: @AuthorSarahEliz
Amazon Author Page:

Laura Morgan
Laura started her writing career putting together short stories and fan fiction, usually involving her favourite movie characters caught up in steamy situations, and wrote her first full length novel in 2013. A self-confessed computer geek, Laura enjoys both the writing and editing side of her journey, and regularly seeks out the next big gadget on her wish list. 
She spends her days looking after her two young children and their cocker spaniel Milo, as well as making the most of her free time by going to concerts with her friends, or else listening to rock music at home while writing (a trend many readers may have picked up on in her stories.)
Like many authors, Laura has a regular playlist of tracks she enjoys listening to while writing, featuring the likes of Slipknot, Stone Sour, Papa Roach, Five Finger Death Punch, and Shinedown. If you’d like to listen along with her, you can find her Spotify playlist by clicking HERE.

Laura also loves hearing from her fans, and you can connect with her via the following:

If you have enjoyed reading any of her stories, please take a moment to share your thoughts by leaving a review to help promote Laura’s work.

Laura Morgan’s novels include:

The Black Rose series:

Embracing the Darkness: book #1 in the Black Rose series

A Slave to the Darkness: book #2 in the Black Rose series

Forever Darkness: book #3 in the Black Rose series

Destined for Darkness: book #4 in the Black Rose series

A Light in the Darkness: book #5 in the Black Rose series

And her contemporary romance novel:

Forever Lost

Laura also writes YA Science Fiction under the alias L.C Morgan, with her new novel:

Humankind: Book 1 in the Invasion Days series

Kyra Lennon
Kyra is a self-confessed book-a-holic, and has been since she first learned to read. When she's not reading, you'll usually find her hanging out in coffee shops with her trusty laptop and/or her friends, or girling it up at the nearest shopping mall. Kyra grew up on the South Coast of England and refuses to move away from the seaside
which provides massive inspiration for her novels. Her debut novel, Game On (New Adult Contemporary Romance), was released in July 2012, and she has since published a number of books within the New Adult genre.

RJ Thompson
R J Thompson is a freelance writer of fantasy fiction/erotic.. R J has always loved history so using her wild imagination and tying in her love of history and fantasy she started writing. With her debut novel Soulkiss already published R J has her sights set on producing some more mythical inspired novels along with a future series based on some hard assed demons.
She has many hobbies which include jewellery making, cross stitch, crafting and she also makes some awesome swag too. As well as this she also works out with her husband at their local gym and  they both attend Caveman training. When R J isn’t writing she still works full time as a dental nurse and is also the Oral Health Educator for the practice.


J A Heron
Jane Is a self confessed coffee addict and chocoholic. Like most women, she enjoys nothing more than snuggling with a good book, a steaming cup of coffee with a few munchies on hand.  Jane lives in a small town called Burton on Trent, Staffordshire in the heart of England. This little town where she resides is famous for making beer, the home of Coors Brewery. She has called this industrial town home, all her life.
Jane is a mother, a fiancĂ©e and loves to write books of all genres. She believes in variety and loves nothing more than to try her hand at anything her mind conjures up. 
Her back catalogue includes:

Erotic romance ~ ‘Belleza’

Erotic romance ~ ‘Alias’

Erotic thriller ~ ‘30 Days’

Women’s comedy drama ~ ‘GirlsQuad – A Best of Friends series: Book one’
She is currently working on GirlsQuad: Book two and a dark horror, collaborating with another author, amongst other projects. 
Jane believes in her work, she believes in her stories and she hopes you will too, she will be bringing you lots more tales from the heart. 

Stalk Jane on any or all of the following:

 Facebook ~

Goodreads ~

Google+ ~

Instagram ~

Amazon author central  ~

My website ~

Wattpad  ~

Tuesday, 2 February 2016

J A Heron - GirlsQuad (A Best of Friends Series, #1)

*Contains adult themes (stalking) and illness triggers
**Review by Stacey & Susan

They say, ‘opposites attract’.
Some would disagree, but these four women couldn’t be more different if they tried.
These best friends have different lives, different aspirations and different outlooks on life and the way it should be.
However, they do share a few common denominators – they all work together. Every day, they earn their living by working in a hair and beauty salon, where fun is the top style of the day.
They also live in the same little village; quiet, peaceful and where not a lot happens.
They’re all feisty and love each other fiercely.

This lady is sweet, kind and extremely loving. At thirty-nine years old, she is still looking for love and hopes to find the love of her life and have children before it’s too late. She’s the salon owner, a business woman and everyone adores her.

A feisty and fun loving forty-three year old. The oldest of the group is married to her soul mate and has three children. She’s not one for mincing her words or holding back on her opinions.

At twenty-seven, this lady is known as the serial man-eater. Her lifestyle frustrates the rest of the group, but they love her even though she spends her weekends with a different man in her bed. She believes in sex without strings or commitment.

The baby of the group. This nineteen year old is a little ditzy, crazy and loves easily. She has a way of making the rest of the group laugh without even trying. Her comments and attitude towards life is innocent and admirable.

Follow these ladies through a journey that’s packed with fun, happiness and heartache. This story will leave you smiling, feeling happy and grateful for the life you have. GirlsQuad is coming for you, and you will be able to relate to at least one of these characters, if not all of them. Everyone has a friend like Clarissa, Brenda, Carla or Davina.
What is the most important thing in life? The answer is friendship.

This is the first book I have read from J A Heron so I didn't know what to expect, though I do know she also writes gritty novels but this is completely different!

It is centred around the friendship of Clarissa (salon owner), Brenda, Carla, and Davina - best friends and also colleagues. They are all totally different characters but that's what makes them gel and get along wonderfully. I loved the banter between them and J A had me in stitches more than once, especially with Davina who is just a little bit ditzy!

There are also some serious elements to the story though such as stalking and terminal illness, but although most of the writing is light-hearted, these issues fit within the story well. Coming to that, J A also had me in tears towards the end of the book as the characters are totally relatable to real life and you can gather some understanding from the writing.

I liked the dual POV throughout the story though it was a bit confusing at a couple of points when it went back to things that had already happened, though it was relaying events from another character POV.

All in all, a really enjoyable first read from J A Heron but I will warn it does end on a cliffhanger and I'm dying to read part 2! 4.5 stars from me.

"Life's too short for regrets, what if's and maybe's. We only get one life and if you want to try something, do it. Don't spend your life pretending that you know shit, when the fact is, you shouldn't knock something until you try it."

When I heard that J A Heron was doing Romantic Comedy I didn't know what to expect if I'm honest, especially since I fell head over heels with her darker books. 

But GirlsQuad blew me away. From the jaw aching grinning and laughter to the tear inducing lows in this story there truly is never a dull moment.  

The group of girls - four to be precise the Quad (get it?! I just know poor Davina would struggle with it!) consist of Brenda, Carla, Davina and Clarrisa. What a bunch this lot are!!

But honestly - I can only describe it as a truly brilliant mix of Sex and the City and Friends. The witty banter, sex chatter, hilarity and sometimes ditzy comments from poor Davina, I promise will entertain you. But truthfully, it's all about friendship. In fact, deeper than that...sisterhood! 

Each of the girls has their side of the story to tell, but wow, what an incredible start to this series. I am beyond excited to see where this brilliant lady takes these books and I'm already stocking up on tissues as I know I'll need them!  

A five star must read!

Excerpt that I think says it all...
"I may not love a man, but I love these girls like they are family. They are my family and they mean everything to me."

You can keep in touch with J A and news about her books on FacebookTwitter, or Goodreads.

Get your copy of GirlsQuad here (UK) or here (US). Add to your Goodreads TBR here.

We were sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.