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C J Fallowfield - The Domville 3

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

The Domville 3
No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

Mandy Roberts isn’t looking to settle down. She’s single, financially secure and liberated when it comes to sexual conquest equal opportunities. As a makeup artist for a major production studio, she comes into regular contact with good looking celebrities and takes advantage of those connections for her pleasure. When she stays at The London Domville for her sister’s wedding, the hotel’s piano player catches her eye and it seems she has her weekend of frolics sorted. The groom’s best friend, Rampant Roger, who has secretly held a torch for Mandy for years, has other ideas though. Will he finally step up to try and claim her, or will Mandy bypass him in favour of her current sexual freedom?

The Domville 3 is the third of a series of self-contained hot erotic reads, set in the exclusive six star hotel chain.

Warning – This is an erotica series. If you’re after a happy ever after, then I’d suggest trying one of my erotic romance novels instead.

This novella contains explicit adult sexual content and is suitable only for those aged 18 and over.

After falling in love with Mandy Roberts in The Domville #2 after the story of Lisa and Brady having such a heart wrenching ending, we see from Mandy's POV from just around the time of their arrival at the prestigious 6 star hotel 'The Domville'. 

This is alpha male central and I'm one kitty who's looking to be stroked, petted and tamed tonight.

Her hilarious antics well and truly continue and I just loved her. Her confidence, attitude and sarky responses just had me in kinks throughout. But as Lisa's little sister and knowing her predicament, she really steps up and tells her what she thinks Lisa needs to hear. 

Sex isn't always about love you know. Sex can be just that. A raw urgent need to get off. Welcome to the liberated world.

Mandy's sexual appetite was just brilliant...unlike her sister, she had no problem enjoying herself ;)
But the man she keeps bringing up, Roger leads us all to believe that the man she believes she hates would knock down her intimacy issues...

Emotionally stunted f**k ups...People who have one night stands to avoid intimacy. We're not cut out for anything other than amazing sex. 

But Mandy has to be my favourite character yet. Cheeky, quick witted, a loving sister and truthful to a T....just brilliant. Everyone needs a Mandy in their lives! She even has a heart of gold when it comes to one talented piano players, who's fingers would win gold at a certain Olympics ;) 

Roger? Was I seriously thinking about the London lothario, Gods self-proclaimed gift to womankind, Rampant f**king Roger.

But a brilliant story that followed on so brilliantly and filled in all the gaps after the Domville #2 that had killed me. A truly knicker wetting, pee-yourself-in-hysterics read!  

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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