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C J Fallowfield - The Domville 1

*Contains adult themes (sexual content)
**Review by Susan

The Domville 1
No one knows what goes on behind closed doors

Sam Michaels, the handsome, hot and charismatic lead singer of international sensation Nevada 6, is learning to spread his sexual wings. After breaking up with his long term girlfriend at the insistence of his agent, so fans believe they stand a chance of snaring their idol, he’s testing the water when it comes to taking advantage of his new found freedom. Will his fame and obvious appeal turn him into another sex crazed pop star, or will he put his heart before his image when he hooks up with rebellious and straight talking Lexi Clarke and sparks between them fly?

The Domville 1 is the first of a series of self-contained hot erotic reads, set in the exclusive six star hotel chain.

Warning – This is an erotica series, which is sexually driven. If you’re after romance and a happy ever after, then I’d suggest trying one of my erotic romance novels instead.

This novella contains explicit adult sexual content and is suitable only for those aged 18 and over.

So after hearing so much about this new release I was beyond excited to read it. I am officially a huuuuge C.J Fallowfield fan. The Domville 1 was just incredible and I literally didn't put it down.

The high quality 'Domville' houses some of the most rich and famous clientele there is. From the luscious sheets, to decor to quality customer service - nothing really is too much here...

...when it comes to our Signature suite guests, nothing is too much trouble.  Nothing is impossible.

And this weekend the well known Nevada 6 would be coming to stay! The band are a star studded bunch enjoying their luxury lifestyle that the fame brings. This means sex, drugs rock'n'roll right? The lead singer, Sam Michaels always creates a stir...most importantly with the ladies.

...my sexual adventurousness was only just starting to leave the shadows and make itself known.

His fame did come at a cost though. He had to leave his long term love Rochelle and we see his agony over that. No one would compare to that confident girl...but Lexi would be sure to try her hardest. So long as he kept his distance emotionally anyway.

I dealt with my issues with one night stands, never getting emotionally attached to anyone, until I started seeing Doug...He saw underneath all my bravado I was just another girl who was terrified she wasn't good enough to be loved.

The physical attraction and desire between the pair was evident. But wow. The steam level was fit to burst here.
*warning - new knickers may be required after this story*

I think your scared, Lexi...you've imagined a million different scenarios in your head and now your actually here, you're wondering if you're good enough to compare to what I'm used to...

Despite both their initial intentions going into that room, I think the following morning lead to more feelings than either of them anticipated. Firsts for both of them that night and morning. But the wit and sass that came from both Sam and Lexi had me in kinks. Between fanning myself anyways ;)
I truly loved it and can't wait for the Domville 2!

Don't you go falling in love with me Captain America.  The minute I see affection, I'm outta here...

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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