Friday, 29 April 2016

Janet A. Mota - Unexpected Surprises

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Five years ago, Kat lost her family in a car accident. Ever since, she has been in a deep depression. She quit her job and started writing so she would not have to leave her house. She lost herself. She has no idea how to come out of the ugliness. She decides that she needs to push herself out of the house but she needs to go where no memories exist. She decides to go visit the country where her family was from, Portugal. She rents an apartment from her uncle with the hopes of finally being able to start moving on. Rey is serving in the United States military. He is living in Germany but only has a few more months before he contract is up. He goes on leave for his cousin's wedding which is taking place in Portugal. He rents his uncle's apartment for a few weeks. When he gets there, he realizes someone is staying there. When he realizes it is Kat, his world is turned upside down. Kat and Rey have a history. Although nothing ever happened between them, there were some feelings and emotions that were never expressed to anyone. Rey vows to help Kat get out of the depression by getting her to go sightseeing and possibly open up. Will Kat allow Rey to help her? Can Kat get past the death of her family and allow someone into her heart? Will Rey's military career put a stop to a relationship before it starts?

Warning:  please have tissues and chocolate at the ready for this absolute tear jerker!

The story of Kat, a woman on the brink of simply existing, when all those around her she loved so dearly haven't. Five years on from losing her family, Kat decides to take a chance to rent out her Uncle's apartment in Portugal.

I think what was so heartbreaking in this story was just how much effort each daily task wore on Kat. How she just struggled with the easiest of tasks we all take for granted. But someone unexpected would walk back into her life and give her something to live for again.

She needed a friend to help her move on. I am going to be that friend. I am going to help her and maybe, just maybe, we can have our chance....I want and need to bring happiness into her life again.

Rey....well, what a man. I swear he has a heart of gold. And in helping Kat out of her despair, letting her open up to him, she lets down her guard and feels things for him they never believed would ever happen again.

But their journey wouldn't be an easy one. From Rey's military work, to dealing with their future relationship...the pair remain solid, committed and never let anything come between them and their happiness.

He needs to understand that our life will be fine, military or not. I love him more than life itself and nothing would get in the way of that. We can make anything work as long as we are together.

An easy, read which will touch your heart and leave you sobbing in utter turmoil or sheer happiness for the pair who truly deserved one another right from the start. No matter the obstacles they face, they will overcome them together. Highly recommend!

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I purchased this book myself and wasn't asked to write this review. All thoughts & opinions are honest & my own.

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