Wednesday, 27 April 2016

M J Rutter - Back to Innocence

*Contains adult themes (sexual assault truiggers)
**Review by Susan

For Daniel O'Toole his friends are his life. After losing his mother to cancer when he was nine years old, they were there for him. Raised by his three brothers and his father, Daniel longs for the love of his mother and his heart aches for her. Safe in the knowledge that one day they will be together again.

That was until one fateful night when the wrong choice changed his life forever. Held together by a secret that plagued his life and ate away at his soul; Daniel ran away, but now it’s time to face the music, this has gone on long enough. As a married man and a father himself, how will he find the strength to face this again?

A reunion with devastating consequences.

This story broke me - pure and simple. Ugly crying...the lot!  
A story of brothers, surrounding Danny, his friends and family. Seeing the teenage boys we meet at the beginning who need to deal with secrets much bigger than themselves at 14.

As we learn of the trouble and experiences that shaped this group of friends I felt my heart break a little. And the devastation didn't end there...

This nightmare had made us all grow up very quickly and our innocence, the part of us that still believed in super heroes...the part of us that secretly wanted to stay a child forever; that was gone too.

As the boys all grow, separate, marry and raise families and all the problems that come with adulthood as well as the history they live with...will they crack under the pressure? Will the group remain as close with all the events that take place over the course of love, life and betrayal? 

Danny's guilt seems to carry with him throughout. Initially around the death of his mother, the losses of his good friends, breakdowns of relationships, and massive multiple lies from those close to him. This poor man, who had already suffered at the hands of destruction on so many occasions already just never seemed to get a break. When would he find his happily ever after?

It's difficult to admit I am not perfect and that I have made a lot of mistakes. I only hope I can learn by them more remorse over people who have slipped through my fingers and no more blame.

For me this entire story is about enduring, healing and becoming a survivor. Melissa wrote this so beautifully and as much as it was a long and difficult to handle book, in parts, it made for a breath taking read. A truly memorable book that I won't forget.  

I'm a survivor, he made me a victim and I made me a survivor.

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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