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Michelle McLoughney - Odin (The Gods of Wrath Security Agency #1)

*Contains adult themes
**Review by Susan

Navy SEAL Odin Byrne believes in two things, the SEAL code of honor and the ability of his Team. When he loses one of his brothers-in-arms, he loses a part of himself. Starting afresh with his Team and back home in Boston, Odin has only one focus, his uncle Declan’s security and detective agency, ‘The Gods of Wrath.’ A new team member is the last thing Odin wants, especially an ex-con who is hot as hell and mouthy to boot. Fighting for control of his agency, his heart, and his damn hormones, isn’t easy. When a new case threatens those closest to him, Odin must work with his adversary to bring a murderer to justice. Simple, apart from the memory of his lips on hers, and that one hot night.

Jasmine McCarthy is starting a new life in Boston. After three years in an Irish prison for a crime committed by her ex-husband, she craves a new start, a new chance. When her friend Declan Byrne gifts her a part of his agency, Jasmine see it as her duty to join the team and follow his wishes, regardless of the opinion of her formidable new boss, Odin Byrne. The pig-head arrogant Ex-SEAL would be a lot easier to ignore, if she hadn’t already had a taste. Jasmine and Odin want nothing more than to stay the hell away from each other, if only chemistry and fate would play ball…

Odin, oh Odin. *sighs like a teenage girl with a crush*
He has to be my new favourite book hunk. The large in stature as well as personality, hunk of metal is Lieutenant commanding officer in charge of squad 3, Triton platoon, SEAL team 3 until the group of men who trusts dearly and considers a family, create the Gods of Wrath Security Agency.  

Jasmine is a honest woman who got tied into the wrong family, after serving time she has the help of someone who creates her new identity and helps keep her past there. But without his help, and a push for her to be involved in the Agency a one night stand becomes so much more...

My heart wants something from her, something long forgotten, a feeling I haven't felt since my youth. A feeling of hopeful belonging.  I would kill to protect her, I would kill to possess her...

Can she prove her worth when Odin and the team discover Jasmine's past? Can she ever be a part of the agency and the tight knit group?  

You know this is not ending here, J, not a damn chance this is ending here. This is just the beginning. 

They way Odin and Jasmine bounce off one another is brilliant and their chemistry more so! The clever wit and humour throughout had me gasping for air in amongst my fits of giggles and also fearing for what lay ahead for the pair who have such major challenges trusting. But their relationship is what made this book for me. 

The real criminals of society wear suits and ties. I promised myself there and then that I'd never fall for another man, never trust another one either. 

There really is something for everyone from the action packed work of the agency to the seriously hot scenes that will leave you wanting more.  

Jasmine McCarthy is my own private cyclone, she rocks me off my feet and leaves me searching for a place to hide from the force of my feelings for her.  

As my first read from Michelle McLoughney I was astounded at the humour alongside some seriously tough scenes wishing happiness for the two lead characters. And boy do they take you on a journey. Michelle's writing blew me away with her level of attention detail and plain beauty despite the pair having both seen such horror. It has to be one of my favourite reads of 2016 so far! 

"Sometimes you miss what's in front of you because you fight the feelings, feelings you think you don't deserve.  I don't want to miss what's in front of me.  Some days you just have to put your mistakes away for a while and let good things happen.

You have to read this book! Next in the series is Trig and I can't wait to get my hand on him ;) 

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

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  1. Thank you so much for this review. I can't express how amazing it is have you read and enjoy the book. Ladies Living in Bookland have been so supportive of me since day one. I really can't thank you enough, Susan and Stacey.This has made my week!
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