Sunday, 24 July 2016

J A Heron - GirlsQuad (A Best of Friends Series: Book Two)

*Contains adult themes (inc. sexual content)
**Review by Stacey

The ‘GirlsQuad’ ladies are back and the next chapter of their lives is about to begin.
We re-join the girls in the small village of Quicks Green, right where we left off.

Brenda’s future is uncertain.
Carla is missing.
Clarissa is angry.
Davina is dealing with her mother.

The last time we were with these girls, all of them were juggling an innumerable amount of balls in the air, their lives were in turmoil. Each character is dealing with something in their personal life, but as a strong and inseparable unit, they face these issues head on.

One of the girls has been holding onto a dark secret, one that no one knows about. Which one is it? What has she been hiding? How will they all deal with it? 

GirlsQuad have a lot of living, loving and figuring stuff out to do. One thing’s for sure… they’ll do it together. 

GirlsQuad is a series, so it is advisable that you read book one first.

It feels like I have been waiting forever for this conclusion to what was happening in the lives of Clarissa, Brenda, Carla, and Davina, aka GirlsQuad!

GQ2 begins where GQ left off, no spoilers from me but somebody's life was changing forever and I cursed the author for leaving it there, but it stepped right back into it with no reminders needed, if you have read GQ then you will know what I mean! (And you should before you read this anyway).

"Life is way too short not to chase your dreams or pursue what means the most to you."

This book takes the format with each chapter being the POV of one of the girls, but taking place at the same time - ie. next chapter starting where the last one ended - so it isn't confusing like some can be.

Once again I loved the Davina-ism's, she is SO funny! And Carla's bluntness had me spitting my drink out with laughter at one point too - I'll never think of oven chips in the same way again (I was going to share that line but you will have to read to find out ;))!

"Outsiders looking in could wonder if my friend was being mean, but I love the banter between us, it's what keeps us a fun loving group. If we took offence any time any of us said something like this, we'd never be friends in a million years."

Towards the end of the book there were months missed out between chapters; I had wished it hadn't been but then the character filled in with what had been happening so it was all good.

There are a mixture of endings for the girls - happy, sad (I did have leaky eyes), and a whopper of a shocker - again! But it was written in a way that gave me closure, though I do hope we get to visit them again at some point in the future.

"I pull her arms away, lifting her chin so that she looks directly into my eyes. "I love you!" I say, covering her heart with my palm. "Until my very last breath, I love you. I will love you from my grave, for all eternity."

A thoroughly enjoyable, at times emotional, humorous read from J A Heron once again. I definitely recommend this series!

5 fabulous *!

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.

Tuesday, 19 July 2016

R. M. Simone - Gothic Gates

*Contains adult themes (sexual content)
**Review by Susan

Dante's France Mansion. His business Franchise is 'GOTH'. He Rules his world and the wealthy want INVITES to his Soiree's. Head of the Board Meeting of 12 and he is the master number 13. He is filled with secrecy and plays Chess in the underground world of other private societies in the light dark power global games. His Love he has just found. Will she now enter his World of GOTH and cross the threshold into his Heart? He is 'not a vampire' but an IMMORTAL.

Gothic Gates is a short story that I flew through in one sitting. Was the book intriguing? Yes! Was it a good story? Yes! But I did struggle with the authors notes in the beginning and towards the end. It made it a little disjointed but in the grand scheme of the short story, it's pretty minor.

Courier delivery leads our leading lady to Dante. The owner of the Gothic Masquerade parties aimed at the rich and wealthy. He is a man who knows what he wants and SHE is exactly that. The story gets interesting when we learn that he is in fact immortal. Thrown into board meetings about keeping the population of the human race (light vs dark) going all seemed a little odd and slightly confusing at times.

As the story develops and the history of their relationship/feelings towards one another come to surface, I'm feeling torn and in need of more! Not a cliff hanger necessarily but hoping that the next story will shed more light on the unanswered questions I have.

A short story that will transfer you into a parallel universe and make your head hurt a little but well worth a read. I can't wait to read more from R. M. Simone.
(3.5 star rating)

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I was sent this book free of charge to review. All thoughts and opinions are honest & my own.