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Lisa J Hobman - The Worst Of Me

*Contains adult themes (sexual content)
**Review by Stacey & Susan

Nick Dacre is the epitome of the classic rock star. Women, booze and luxury are handed to him on a daily basis and life is great.

Until another alcohol fuelled sexual encounter forces him to realise that, in spite of his many achievements, his life and the relationships therein have no real meaning.

Now feeling trapped in a life he is expected to continue leading a terrifying event forces him to re-evaluate his future.

The words of a stunning and feisty, Scottish chambermaid, met whilst on tour in London, return to haunt him.

Are her words the key to the drastic changes he needs to make?

Will he find himself but lose his heart in the process?

Stacey's review:

As usual I have to mention the cover here first - I bloody flove this one! Though I usually like to form my own picture from character descriptions this is exactly what I would have imagined Nick to look like - even hotter with his man bun I'm sure ;)

On meeting Nick I thought "Oh just another one of those rock stars" but where Lisa took us with him...incredible. Suffering from anxiety myself I identified with his breakdown and fell for him, there & then.

I love Lisa's books being set in Scotland as I adore the place myself, and having previously visited Gairloch it was wonderful to be transported back, though her descriptive writing of where the book is set helps you form a beautiful picture if you haven't.

Anyway! The story itself is of finding love in the most unexpected places and fighting for that love when you can feel it breaking down - though I did curse at Cat a lot and did a lot of shouting! Complete with a lot of "Nooooooo"'s on Nick's part - I did want to bang their heads together at points! ;)

Gone is such a sad word with such negative connotations, and Cat wondered how the hell she would be able to carry on with life as normal when he was no longer in it. There was no point in trying to keep things going.

I was hooked though and was desperate for them to finally see sense. All I can say is err mah gerd!! That's o m g if you're not familiar with Yorkshire language ;) 5 rockin' *'s!

Susan's review:

The Worst of Me had me questioning if I really wanted to read another rock star romance book, but the cover, I've got to say dragged me in (and I've got to say I'm not normally too fussy on covers!).  

The story of the fledgling and emotionally maxed out Nick Dacre aka random rock star (then to be renamed Randall through some hilarious drunk shenanigans) decides to take a take some time out. With the help of his mother he avoids the press and heads for Scotland. Where else right? *says the Scot in the room!*

Him arriving to this beautiful, secluded little town wearing jeans, cowboy boots and not to mention the Porsche had me loving him already. I just loved this character and his down to earth attitude. 

Yep, Nick, you're pretty much camouflaged.  Blending right in, you t*t.

**insert Susan's hysterical laughter**

Upon meeting 'Cat for short', she would fear for her small local town, its people and chat would become of this rock star barging into her life. But as he pleads his case and explains his need to be away from the spotlight, can she let go of her suspicions and trust him to do what he says?  

"Please?  I need to stay to stay out of the tabloids and I need to just be...left alone," he pleaded with the woman who, to all intents and purposes, was a total stranger and owed him nothing, least of all loyalty.

The pair seemed like chalk and cheese, her being classically trained, he being the rock god...but they do say opposites attract! ;) With Nick getting the time away he needed to reevaluate his time in the band and what he wanted generally, he wouldn't expect to find the answers in a group of young teenage boys. But in helping them, would he turn around the one woman he holds in such high esteem? 

I think the fans and the money brought out the worst in me.  But now...I think I want more.  I want something for me.  Someone for me.  Someone I can trust and who's...real.

For me, it's probably one of my favourites of Lisa J Hobman and I love many of her books. But this for me, struck a chord like her earlier stories when I first started reading indies. It just took me back to the roots of her writing and I adored it. Not to mention one of her steamiest books yet! A stunning page turner that had me at the end before I was ready to let go.  

Stunning five stars for Lisa J Hobman!

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We bought a copy of this book. All thoughts and opinions are honest & our own.

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